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Faster, More Effective Issue Resolution

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Do your business users expect always on, always performing IT services? Of course they do. That’s the nature of enterprise IT service delivery today.

But with complex IT environments, multi-tiered application dependencies, rapid changes, and strict policies, you likely have a fair share of service degradations, outages, and out of compliance issues that make this objective very difficult – even if you are the best managed IT shop around.

In our experience, there are two critical strategies that can help you address this challenge:

1)   Work to avoid issues in the first place through collaborative change impact analysis (80% of service impacting issues are typically caused by well-intentioned changes)

2)   Resolve issues faster by reducing the time and effort to identify potential root causes and fix them (80% of the mean time to restore service, MTRS, is typically spent trying to understand what’s changed in the environment and identifying potential root causes)

A big reason why is the limited knowledge sharing and facilitated collaboration in IT today. For example, Gartner has said: “In talking with Gartner clients who have fast-growing and/or complex environments, we see that it is becoming impossible for any person or group to completely understand how everything integrates together.” (Gartner, “A Two-pronged Strategy for Stabilizing IT Services”, G. Spafford, 27 February 2012)

That’s why we believe harnessing all of your people’s IT knowledge and combining it with visual analysis and collaboration is the key to resolving issues faster and enabling more effective and permanent resolutions to recurring issues. By empowering IT teams to understand a complex world where one person can no longer know it all, ITinvolve is the first to deliver on the promises made by so many other technologies that only focus on processes or automation. Check out this short video to see our approach in action.

Only ITinvolve Knowledge Collaborator brings together knowledge, analysis, and collaboration in one solution to:

  • Easily leverage prior experience
  • Rapidly understand the most likely root causes
  • Identify and proactively engage the right experts
  • Capture resolutions and make them easily accessible for future use

And that means, With ITinvolve your IT teams will have the information they need at their fingertips to:

  • Resolve complex escalated issues faster
  • Avoid the same issues being escalated over and over
  • Eliminate all hands on deck firefighting
  • Delight business leaders and users with how quickly service is restored

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Don Ringelestein, director of technology for West Aurora School District 129, has to say:

“We needed a way to share knowledge across the organization so it’s more accessible to everyone, in order to provide a more consistent and high quality service experience. We are building a social knowledge system that enables us to tell a story around all of our devices – at the end of the day, ITinvolve saves us money because we don’t spend time anymore calling around, sifting through e-mails and asking about a particular device to get what we need to solve an issue.” You can read more of Don’s story here.

If you’re struggling to meet increasing demands for always on, always performing services, reach out to us. We’d be glad to help.

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing