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5 Problems With the IT Industrial Revolution

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Over the last several years there’s been lots of talk about the need for an ‘industrial revolution’ in IT. We’re actually pretty big fans of the metaphor here at ITinvolve.

I think it’s well accepted that IT needs to improve both its speed of service delivery and quality. These are classic benefits from any industrialization effort, and they both create ripple-effect benefits in other areas too (e.g. ability to improve customer service, increased competitiveness).

But despite all the talk and recommendations (e.g. adopt automation tools, get on board with DevOps), there are five common problems that stand in the way of the IT industrialization movement. A recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Chef gives us some very useful, empirical data to call these problems out for action.

#1 – First Time Change Success Rates aren’t where they need to be. 40% of Fortune 1000 IT leaders say they have first time change success rates below 80% or simply don’t know, and another 37% say their success rates are somewhere between 80% and 95%. You can’t move fast if you aren’t able to get it right the first time, because it not only slows you down to troubleshoot and redo, but it hurts your other goal of improving quality.

#2 – Infrastructure Change Frequency is still far too slow. 69% of Fortune 1000 IT leaders say it takes them more than a week to make infrastructure changes. With all the talk and adoption of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, these numbers are just staggering. Whether you are making infrastructure changes to improve performance, reliability, security, or to support new service deliveries, we have to get these times down to daily or (even better) as needed. There are a lot of improvements to be made here.

#3 – Application Change Frequency is just as bad. 69% of Fortune 1000 IT leaders say it takes them more than a week to release application code into production. Notice that it doesn’t say “to develop, test, and release code into production.” We’re talking about just releasing code that has already been written and tested. 41% say it still takes them more than a month to release code into production. Hard to believe, but the data is clear.

#4 – IT break things far too often when making changes. 46% of Fortunate 1000 leaders reported that more than 10% of their incidents were the result of changes that IT made. Talk about hurting end user satisfaction and their perception of IT quality. What’s worse, though, is that 31% said they didn’t even know what percentage of their incidents are caused by changes made by IT!

#5 – The megatrends (virtualization, agile development, cloud, mobile) are intensifying the situation. As the report highlights, these trends “cause complexity to explode in a nonlinear fashion.”

So what can you do about this if you believe that “industrialization” and, therefore, automation is the answer (or at least a big part of the answer). Well, first, you have to make sure your automation is intelligent – i.e. informed and accurate. Because we all know that doing the wrong things faster will make things worse faster.

This is the problem we’re focused on at ITinvolve; helping IT operations and developers – by giving them the knowledge and analysis they need, then facilitating collaboration to validate accuracy. Good automation must be driven by a model that fully comprehends the current state of configuration, the desired state, and the necessary changes and risks to get there. It’s only when armed with this information, can automation engineers effectively build out the scripts, run books, etc. to deliver agility with stability and quality.

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

Published in APM Digest:


What a Year!

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

2013 was an incredible year for ITinvolve.

We grew our business dramatically

We signed quite a few new customers and grew our subscription bookings by over 500% year over year. But more than that, we helped these organizations transform how they collaborate, share knowledge, and make more informed decisions across IT operations and with application development and business stakeholders. Check out what Dave Colesante of AlertLogic had to say about the value of ITinvolve for his organization.

We racked up quite a few awards and acknowledgements

In January, we were named a finalist for Pink Elephant’s Innovation of the Year Award. In May, Gartner named us one of a very select group of ‘Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management’.  We were also named ‘Best-in-Class’ for Knowledge Management by the independent ITSM Review in September. (Check out more of what the analysts have been saying about us.)

In 2013, ITinvolve was featured over two dozen times in many leading tech publications and blogs including: American Banker, APM Digest,, CIO Insight, ComputerWeekly, HDI Connect, itsmTV, The ITSM Review, NetworkComputing, NetworkWorld, and more.

We delivered hundreds of innovations and enhancements in four product releases

In February, we released Winter ’13 featuring collaborative scenario planning and integration with third-party ITSM process solutions. In June, we released Summer ’13 with unique support for tagging and advanced relationship search, advanced notification handling, expanded configurability and extensibility (without coding), and a consumer-oriented self-service portal and service catalog. In November and December we released Fall ’13 and Winter ’14, accelerating business agility and IT responsiveness with a unified service portal that supports both common and differentiated services for external customers, partners, and employees from a single service catalog as well as federating of knowledge across both ITinvolve and third-party sources, automatic creation and visualization of environment relationships, advanced change approval handling, and many usability enhancements.

Looking ahead to 2014

But we’re not resting on these tremendous successes from 2013. In fact, 2014 is already off to a great start with ITinvolve being shortlisted as Most Promising Start-Up for 2013-14 by The Cloud Awards! We have a great new release coming up for Spring ’14, and we are seeing a lot traction in the marketplace around how ITinvolve’s agility application helps IT organizations deliver the agility with stability that the business demands.

As our CEO, Logan Wray, recently said: “For too long, IT leaders and professionals have struggled with incomplete and untrusted information, substantial risk when deploying new applications or making changes, and poor collaboration across IT and with business functions. In 2013, we raised the bar and some eyebrows by arming transformational leaders with the breakthrough IT agility application they need to help their businesses respond faster to opportunities and threats than ever before. In 2014, we are forecasting a continued expansion in the number of large enterprise customers relying on ITinvolve to help them implement DevOps and improve their agility.”

Be sure to check out the problems we can help you solve and why our approach is truly innovative.

The best is yet to come!

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing