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Archive for May, 2014

The Aligned DevOps Tool Chain

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Does your DevOps tool chain look like the picture below with lots of disconnected tools and different team members having to bridge the gaps between them?


If you are like most DevOps early adopters, this is probably the case. And that’s been accepted as okay because each of these tools was designed for a different group in IT to help them get their jobs done.

But the real value and benefit of DevOps is the ability to increase flow through the system from initial business requirements all the way to production deployment.


Our vision is for an aligned DevOps tool chain with “globally interesting” information shared across those tool, team, and process silos and a bi-directional feedback loop.

Because even though we tend to think of flow like a river that moves in one direction, the ability for information to flow upstream and downstream is really what’s needed to maximize our ability to help the business respond faster to opportunities and threats. And that’s the foundation for what we call the ability to deliver agility with stability.

Matt Selheimer
SVP, Marketing