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About ITinvolve

ITinvolve provides the industry’s first IT agility application

Who We Are

ITinvolve was founded with the singular goal of helping teams work better together in order to enable the business to respond faster to opportunities and competitive threats.

We have diverse backgrounds, but share a common trait – we’ve worked with large-scale IT departments for many years and have seen first hand how current IT tools fall short of what people need to do their jobs effectively and enable business agility.

What we offer

ITinvolve helps IT professionals make smart decisions by analyzing risk and understanding all dependencies between applications and infrastructure as well as requirements, policies, and automations.

We bring your valuable, but scattered, IT data together in one place – displaying it visually so it’s easy to access and use – and capture the critical, but often undocumented, tribal knowledge of your experts

With ITinvolve, your information is also continuously reviewed by your experts, ensuring teams have a trusted, complete, and accurate foundation for rapid decision making and risk analysis.

ITinvolve helps you manage and accelerate projects by proactively bringing the right individuals together from the business, development, and operations to review and validate requirements, track and manage application release milestones, collaborate on deployment plans, and capture learning along the way for re-use.


ITinvolve runs on the secure, scalable, and market-leading platform as a service, Salesforce1.

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