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About ITinvolve

ITinvolve provides the industry’s first IT agility application

ITinvolve was founded with the singular goal of helping teams work better together in order to enable the business to respond faster to opportunities and competitive threats.

We have diverse backgrounds, but share a common trait – we’ve worked with large-scale IT departments for many years and have seen first hand how current IT tools fall short of what people need to do their jobs effectively and enable business agility.

What we offer

ITinvolve creates Cross-Team Workspaces that bring the right people, tools, information, and analysis together to help teams do their jobs more effectively.

Over the last twenty years there have been many IT management software products that have attempted to improve the effectiveness of project work and our understanding of IT environments, but these approaches have fallen short because they don’t effectively engage the right people with the right information and reinforce siloed teams.

With workspaces for development and infrastructure projects; incident, problem, request, and change management processes; what-if scenarios; and environment analyses, ITinvolve is the application where IT and the business work together to achieve greater agility while ensuring operational stability and quality


ITinvolve runs on the secure, scalable, and market-leading platform as a service, Salesforce1.

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