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Gartner_logo November 26, 2014
Predicts 2015: IT Operations Management
J. Brooks, B. Mahapatra, J. Kowall
“Currently, we see vendors such as xMatters, ITinvolve and Moogsoft catering to the needs of organizations that desire a collaborative workspace to support I&O objectives”
Intellyx_logo July 24, 2014
Driving Business Agility with Metadata Management and Curation
Jason Bloomberg
“Instead of discouraging active participation in knowledge collection as standard portals and knowledge management tools do, ITinvolve empowers people to share their knowledge. This approach facilitates cross‐team collaboration on projects and decisions by supporting more effective risk management using current and accurate information. As a result, people can get their jobs done and make better decisions.”
Gartner_logo July 22, 2014
Hype Cycle for IT Operations Management, 2014
Ronni J. Colville
“Social ITM (Social IT Management) has also proved effective in removing some of the silos that exist between IT operations domains, and in collaborating on a common platform around a shared purpose. It can better convert ad hoc interactions and other forms of out-of-band communication among IT operations personnel into reusable assets, which can be leveraged in support of unstructured IT operations work patterns and can improve I&O’s ability to support a highly available infrastructure.”
ITSM Review Banner June 15, 2014
Change, Configuration, and Release Review
Rebecca Beach, independent ITSM and ITIL expert
“The solution greatly reduces the burden on staff and ensures risk can be quickly and accurately assessed.”
Gartner_logo July 30, 2013
Hype Cycle for Social Software, 2013
J. Mann and J. Greene
“Social collaboration tools facilitate the capture of information among IT staff that would not typically be captured via traditional communication methods. This capability will become increasingly important in the emerging DevOps arena.”
IDC_logo July 8, 2013
ITinvolve Announces Enhancements to Knowledge Collaborator and Service Manager
“ITinvolve’s newly enhanced products provide IT organizations with capabilities that simplify the searching, accessing, and sharing of critical IT knowledge across the organization.”
ema_logo June 2013
How ITinvolve Unifies Dialog, Process and Technology
“ITinvolve stands out as the one vendor that truly grasps how to make social IT relevant, effective and efficient – as a vehicle in which collaboration, automation and insights are all brought meaningfully together.”
Gartner_logo April 2013
ITinvolve named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in IT Operations Management
“The Cool Vendors featured in this year’s research introduce social approaches and advanced analytics to address the need for I&O to respond, communicate, and ultimately, deliver better value to the business.”

“Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management, 2013″, J. Brooks, J. Greene et al, 18 April 2013
IDC_logo February 15, 2013
ITinvolve announces ability to complement existing ITSM solutions
“As IT organizations seek to grow the maturity of their service capabilities, they will likely find that they need to leverage broader tool sets with more social capabilities as opposed to relying strictly on the basic logging and tracking functions associated with incidents and problems offered in most standard service desk software or rudimentary ITSM products. ITinvolve’s Winter ’13 release will allow IT organizations to leverage these powerful social knowledge management tools in order to achieve a higher level of service maturity while eliminating the pains associated with fully replacing their existing service desk or ITSM solution”
Ovum logo February 19, 2013
ITinvolve’s latest release boasts some compelling enhancements
“Many ITSM solutions have embraced social, but this is usually through modular add-ons or integration with popular social network platforms. ITinvolve offers a solution that has been built with social at its core, and the wealth of knowledge gained from this can benefit all core ITIL processes supported by the tool. Benefits include further enabling people through improved visibility of systems and software, helping them to respond more rapidly to incidents, and ensuring that necessary escalations are quick and assigned to the right people with the right perspective.”
IDC_logo June 28, 2012
A new release from ITinvolve — deeper collaboration use in the service desk
“ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management…uniquely incorporates collaborative, social media–like features to leverage collective knowledge in the IT organization to identify and create relationships between configuration items.”
ema_logo February 2012
Delivering cross-domain change management with ITinvolve
“ITinvolve provides a breath of fresh air in its humanization of change management…EMA looks forward to ITinvolve for Change Management becoming both a strongly transformative catalyst for IT, as well as a game changer for the industry as a whole.”