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IT Asset Management (ITAM) brings together financial, contractual, and inventory functions to help you manage both physical and software assets across their lifecycle from procurement to retirement.

Whether your Asset Management goals are to avoid unnecessary purchases, minimize risks associated with adding new assets or their retirement, or simply to gain better asset visibility, ITinvolve can help.

In Our Experience

Most IT organizations have asset data scattered across various systems, fileshares, and other sites. For example, you may have a configuration management database (CMDB) and other operational tools that have asset information in them. You may have an IT procurement system with asset contracts, asset inventories stored in spreadsheets, as well as asset information not documented anywhere but residing in the heads of your IT staff.

This scattered approach can make it very difficult to obtain full visibility across your assets and that limits your ability to avoid unnecessary purchases and minimize risks associated with introducing new assets or retiring old ones.

Centralize Asset Information

Proactively Notify Followers About New Asset Information

Visualize Asset Relationships

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“We selected ITinvolve because it was the only company we found that has a unique, cloud-based solution to help us better manage our IT assets. ITinvolve is also going to help our IT staff improve the change management process, and help visualize and understand the potential risks associated with making IT changes.”
– Melissa Kraft
Systems Security Manager

ITinvolve helps you manage the lifecycle of your assets

  • Bring scattered sources of asset information together in one place (through importing or federating) and represent it visually
  • Have your experts from procurement, engineering, and operations continuously peer review asset information through social collaboration
  • Fill in the gaps by easily capturing your experts’ tribal knowledge
  • Know the current state of assets from introduction to retirement and manage their transition across states
  • Understand which assets support your applications and business services to help you minimize risks when adding or retiring assets
  • Report on asset inventories, asset policy compliance, and more

Ensuring Broad Access to and Use of Asset Information

Many ITAM tools are a separate application within an ITSM suite. They make use of separate screens, and often require separate licenses to use. This means that the people who use the ITAM application are generally asset management specialists.

In theory, this may seem okay but the reality is this approach isolates asset information from others in the organization that can benefit from it and doesn’t take advantage of their expertise to review and improve it.

ITinvolve takes a different approach that integrates asset, configuration, and policy information as well as knowledge and represents it in the context of an object you manage (such as a server, a piece of software, a networking device, etc.)

In this manner, whenever anyone interacts with the object, they are able to view, validate, and even update asset information. ITinvolve can also handle sensitive asset information, masking it from those who do not have the proper permissions to view it.