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A look back and a look forward

Monday, December 29th, 2014

‘tis that time of year to look back on all that’s been accomplished and look forward to what’s in store for the next year.

As we reflect on 2014, there are quite a few achievements we are proud of. On the recognition front, ITinvolve was selected as the best-in-class solution for change, configuration, and release management in an independent review by The ITSM Review. We were also recognized as an emerging vendor by Computer Reseller News and were short-listed as the “Most Promising Start Up” by The Cloud Awards. Not bad for a company that was founded just a few short years ago in 2011, and building upon our recognition as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner and another best-in-class award for Knowledge Management in 2013.

2014 was also a great year for product innovation at ITinvolve. In April, we announced new offerings to improve DevOps and IT project collaboration with ITinvolve Agility Manager and to increase understanding of and take actions to resolve configuration drift with ITinvolve Drift Manager. Along with ITinvolve Workspaces and ITinvolve Service Manager, we offer the most robust set of enterprise-class software built on the market-leading PaaS Salesforce1 – a fact that we are very proud of.

This year also saw the IT management software marketplace evolve as organizations expanded pilot DevOps efforts and came to realize that sharepoint sites, spreadsheets, and emails just don’t cut it for enabling enterprise DevOps collaboration. In fact, Gartner called out ITinvolve and only two other solution providers at the end of November as the only companies enabling the necessary “collaborative workspace to support I&O objectives.” And more broadly, the market category of Social IT, which we believe should be recast as Collaborative IT, has moved out of the “innovation trigger” phase (i.e. early adopters) and into the “peak of inflated expectations” (i.e. early mainstream) according to Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for IT Operations Management.

So as we bid adieu to 2014, there is much to be proud of yet we are even more excited by what’s to come in 2015. If you are ready for a game-changing approach to managing IT that puts people at the center, then reach out and engage with us – we’re always interested in talking to transformational IT leaders.

Matt Selheimer
Chief Technical Evangelist and SVP Marketing

What a Year!

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

2013 was an incredible year for ITinvolve.

We grew our business dramatically

We signed quite a few new customers and grew our subscription bookings by over 500% year over year. But more than that, we helped these organizations transform how they collaborate, share knowledge, and make more informed decisions across IT operations and with application development and business stakeholders. Check out what Dave Colesante of AlertLogic had to say about the value of ITinvolve for his organization.

We racked up quite a few awards and acknowledgements

In January, we were named a finalist for Pink Elephant’s Innovation of the Year Award. In May, Gartner named us one of a very select group of ‘Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management’.  We were also named ‘Best-in-Class’ for Knowledge Management by the independent ITSM Review in September. (Check out more of what the analysts have been saying about us.)

In 2013, ITinvolve was featured over two dozen times in many leading tech publications and blogs including: American Banker, APM Digest,, CIO Insight, ComputerWeekly, HDI Connect, itsmTV, The ITSM Review, NetworkComputing, NetworkWorld, and more.

We delivered hundreds of innovations and enhancements in four product releases

In February, we released Winter ’13 featuring collaborative scenario planning and integration with third-party ITSM process solutions. In June, we released Summer ’13 with unique support for tagging and advanced relationship search, advanced notification handling, expanded configurability and extensibility (without coding), and a consumer-oriented self-service portal and service catalog. In November and December we released Fall ’13 and Winter ’14, accelerating business agility and IT responsiveness with a unified service portal that supports both common and differentiated services for external customers, partners, and employees from a single service catalog as well as federating of knowledge across both ITinvolve and third-party sources, automatic creation and visualization of environment relationships, advanced change approval handling, and many usability enhancements.

Looking ahead to 2014

But we’re not resting on these tremendous successes from 2013. In fact, 2014 is already off to a great start with ITinvolve being shortlisted as Most Promising Start-Up for 2013-14 by The Cloud Awards! We have a great new release coming up for Spring ’14, and we are seeing a lot traction in the marketplace around how ITinvolve’s agility application helps IT organizations deliver the agility with stability that the business demands.

As our CEO, Logan Wray, recently said: “For too long, IT leaders and professionals have struggled with incomplete and untrusted information, substantial risk when deploying new applications or making changes, and poor collaboration across IT and with business functions. In 2013, we raised the bar and some eyebrows by arming transformational leaders with the breakthrough IT agility application they need to help their businesses respond faster to opportunities and threats than ever before. In 2014, we are forecasting a continued expansion in the number of large enterprise customers relying on ITinvolve to help them implement DevOps and improve their agility.”

Be sure to check out the problems we can help you solve and why our approach is truly innovative.

The best is yet to come!

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

ITinvolve Just Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

We at ITinvolve got some great news this week — after launching our solution a little over a year ago, we have been named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in IT Operations Management.

Obviously it’s great to be recognized by one of the leading technology analyst firms in the world, but it’s especially gratifying to be in the cool vendor category as an innovative, impactful and intriguing solution in the realm of IT management—an area that’s been sorely lacking in innovation for some time.

ITinvolve is the first and only IT management offering designed from the ground up to deliver a solution that captures and visualizes both human and machine knowledge and then enables your IT to collaborate in the context of specific issues or problems.

The result of using ITinvolve’s innovation solution is better decision-making across IT and reduced risk for the entire organization.  Visit our ITinvolve website to download the Cool Vendor Report and see why other analysts are rapidly recognizing our unique approach to collaborative knowledge for IT.   And, be sure to watch one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from one of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment.  When you’re ready, find out how you can take a no-risk free trial of ITinvolve for your own environment at .

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

Some CEO thoughts on the new Gartner ITSSM Magic Quadrant

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Last week Gartner released their “kinda annual” magic quadrant for the service desk market.  I say “kinda annual” as they skipped the prior year citing there was really nothing new to report. This year, the big news was that there still was nothing new to report. Gartner concluded there were literally no innovators and no leaders in their report. For those interested in the source document, it is titled “Magic Quadrant for IT Service  Support Management Tool” issued August 20, 2012 numbered G00231576.

I agree with Gartner’s conclusions that IT service desk tools themselves are no longer sufficient for maintaining business productivity. I believe the reason is service desk venders have not spent cycles on innovation due to the lack of perceived return on the innovation investment.

I’ll take social collaboration as one example of service desk venders asserting they have innovated where there really is none. Virtually all service desk tools claim they have social collaboration, but in reality their definition of social collaboration means opening a ticket via an IM session or chat rooms around a particular topic. That is not social collaboration. That’s a joke.

Collaboration innovation means:

  • A subscribe/unsubscribe capability to allow you to follow the items you care about
  • Automatic notification of only the items you care about
  • A methodology where all stakeholders are looking at items in the same context
  • Enabling virtual processes creation with common content and context
  • A simple methodology to retain knowledge and associate it with a particular item in your IT environment such that the information is not lost in a knowledge base black hole

Social collaboration needs to be in the fabric of a service management solution, not an “add on” check box. At ITinvolve, we understand what it means to innovate. Check out our service management capabilities and see how we are innovating.

Logan Wray

CEO, ITinvolve

Pros Selects ITinvolve To Help Manage Knowledge, Changes In Cloud Operations

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Breakthrough online management tool provides operational insight, visibility to manage key knowledge, changes in complex IT environment, dramatically improving service delivery

HOUSTON, July 2, 2012 – ITinvolve, the first cloud-based IT management solution for the social enterprise, today announced that PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a world leader in business-to-business pricing and revenue management software, has selected ITinvolve’s new IT management tools to help manage its SaaS-based cloud services. PROS chose both ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management™ and ITinvolve for Change Management™ to improve service delivery and help understand the impact of changes in its cloud environment.

Download the Press Release »

A new era in Social IT Operations management

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management has introduced a whole new realm of IT management that we call Social IT Operations.  What does that mean?  First it’s an acknowledgement that IT environments operate today in a social enterprise.  The “consumerization” of IT in many organizations reflects a change in not only in how people use technology in the workplace, but how they communicate with each other through social media.

Today, forward thinking IT professionals are looking for new solutions to help manage and transform their IT organizations in the social enterprise. Like you, they are looking for more effective ways to capture the power of collective information that is unstructured and scattered throughout the organization or resides in the minds of employees. If that information can be harnessed, your job—and the results you achieve—could be dramatically more effective in solving daily IT challenges.

Check out our Free White Paper entitled “Social IT Operations Management: A new approach for solving persistent IT problems,” to learn more about how new ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management can make your life a lot easier and your IT team much more efficient and productive.  And see for yourself how ITinvolve can work for you by signing up for a webinar

A new approach after the failure of CMDB’s

Monday, May 14th, 2012

There’s something going on in IT operations these days.  People are starting to admit that CMDBs aren’t working anymore.  Most IT professionals already know this, but it’s difficult to acknowledge after investing so much time, effort and money into systems that have rarely delivered on their promise.

That’s why ITinvolve’s introduction of Social Knowledge Management, the new cloud service based on the Force platform from is so important. Because for the first time, ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management delivers what can only be a called “a single version of the truth.”  It’s a new solution that’s easily accessible online from anywhere and federates all kinds of structured and unstructured information in ways that IT professionals can actually use to solve problems, make changes and demonstrate compliance.

The concept is simple and the execution is straightforward: organize IT environments according to objects that represent not just physical elements such as servers but other technology and knowledge such as applications, policies and people.  ITinvolve’s approach is simple and direct using social collaboration that will improve communication among IT professionals. The best place to learn more is to start with the overview video about Social Knowledge Management.   Then sign up for a webinar

CMDB’s vs. ITinvolve

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

In a recent study conducted jointly by Forrester Research and ITSM found that of the ITSM professionals they survey only 25% have deployed CMDBs and are enjoying any form of success. When you speak to IT professionals the praises for their organization’s CMDB, or the slightly evolved CMS, are few and far between, and even when it is acknowledged as something positive, the positive comes with heavy caveats.

If you know that having a good understanding of the IT environment is absolutely necessary to manage the environment. And, you believe:

  • Understanding the IT environment is not just about infrastructure and application connections. i.e. understanding those connections are necessary but not sufficient
  • What is needed is a simple and effective tool to understand and visualize dependencies between people, infrastructure, policies, services and more

Then, you need to read our comparative report that helps you understand how ITinvolve has reinvented the obsolete  – but necessary CMDB.

Get it now at

Itinvolve Launches Breakthrough Social, Federated Management Solution Rendering Current Cmdb Solutions Obsolete

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Today, ITinvolve announced general availability of ITinvolve for Social Knowledge ManagementTM, empowering IT professionals with the ability to fully understand their complex IT environments, transparentlycollaborate to build collective knowledge, and effectively assess impacts and risks when making changes, resolving incidents and managing assets. ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management delivers on the original promise of today’s largely obsolete Configuration Database (CMDB) technologies.

Current tools for managing IT, including CMDBs, service desk tools and trouble ticket systems, lack the ability to provide a sufficient understanding of today’s complex IT infrastructure. As a result, IT professionals spend precious time trying to gain a complete picture of their rapidly evolving environment.

ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management™ delivers a practical, comprehensive and up-to-date source of information that accurately captures and depicts any IT environment. For the first time, IT professionals gain access to a single source of federated knowledge enabling them to understand characteristics and relationships between physical and virtual devices, applications, policies, business services and people

Use it FREE

Transforming IT Change Management — a new tool that changes the game for IT professionals

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Over the past several years, the founders and developers of ITinvolve for Change Management have had a lot of conversations with system administrators, IT Directors and CIOs about their change management frustrations and needs.  We invariably heard the same story over and over again: Every time they experienced an outage, it was usually caused by changes made somewhere in their IT environment.  In short, they were doing it to themselves.