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Changes are rampant in IT – changes to improve performance, to enhance security, to roll out a new application, etc. There are pre-approved standard changes, normal changes, and emergency changes too.

Changes are also one of the greatest sources of IT issues. A change can be made for all the right reasons and still something breaks — causing a service interruption, a failed application release, and lots of unplanned work.
Despite defining and enforcing a change process, and implementing a change management tool, you probably still have change-related impacts.

Why does this happen?

  • IT professionals make changes outside of the process because they are working under intense time pressures to respond as fast as they can to business needs. They see the change process as a bottleneck to helping the business. The problem is, people don’t know what they don’t know – and that’s why things break when changes are made in silos.
  • On the other hand, you have IT teams that do follow the process but still run into unforeseen issues after execution. As a result, many see the change process as overhead that produces no worse or better outcomes, but simply slows things down and produces only a record of approvals for the auditors.

If you identify with this situation, we’d like you to know that you can speed up your process and ensure a more accurate risk assessment that avoids many (or even eliminates) unexpected consequences.

Visualize impacts across multiple perspectives

Collaborate rapidly with stakeholders to provide risk assessments

ITinvolve provides all the standard change process management capabilities you expect, including:

  • Support for pre-approved, normal, and emergency changes
  • Change calendaring and blackout windows
  • Approval workflow and escalation management


ITinvolve goes beyond these basic capabilities to:

  • Automatically identify and engage all the right experts to provide their risk assessment
  • Proactively arm experts, change planners and approvers with critical (often undocumented or poorly understood) information about policy risks and fragile settings
  • Provide powerful, visual analysis of potential upstream and downstream impacts from any perspective (e.g. from the infrastructure up, from the application down, based on security policies)
  • Facilitate virtual change advisory boards (vCABs) so distributed approvers can review and bless changes before the actual CAB meeting occurs – allowing CABs to focus on the exceptions and issues

Not ready to replace your existing change tool?

We understand you may have already invested in a change tool and it would be too disruptive to replace it now. Our innovative capabilities can also work side-by-side with your existing change tool to help you accelerate the speed of changes while reducing their negative impacts.

Alert Logic

“I’ve been using manual change management approaches and ITIL processes for twenty years and found ITinvolve’s approach to be fresh with an appealing SaaS model that helped us get up-and-running fast and cost effectively.”

– Dave Colesante,
SVP, Product Development and CTO
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The benefits of ITinvolve’s approach are significant:

  1. Faster change approvals
  2. Dramatic reduction in business impacting events from changes
  3. Elimination of unplanned work from large numbers of changes
  4. Improved user satisfaction through improved service reliability