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What’s Your Discipline?

For those of us working in IT, it’s pretty impressive the list of disciplines that have been defined over the years to manage an IT organization and the functions it’s responsible for.

In response to this, some vendors have built different applications for every discipline, which creates or reinforces silos in processes and organizational entities. At ITinvolve, we’re interested in a different approach; an approach that is grounded in information and knowledge sharing, that reinforces collaboration across silos, and arms IT knowledge workers with the information and analysis they need to do their jobs more effectively without having to go hunting for information across applications.

Our approach takes the elements you manage in IT every day from requirements to releases, servers, network devices, firewalls, policies, and much more and puts the information you need in context of those elements and the relationships that bind them together.

In this way, the information you need can be accessed and managed from multiple perspectives. For example:

  • Show me all applications that are governed by our PCI policy
  • Which requirements made the cutline for the next release?
  • If I take this server offline to upgrade the OS, what will be impacted?
  • Who is responsible for this middleware component?
  • Let me see how many instances of that database version we have running production
  • What’s in our service catalog?
  • Is there a known workaround for this issue?
  • What parameters are in this automation?
  • What are the fragile settings for this application?

This is a very small sample list of the powerful types of questions you can ask and the information freely available at your fingertips in ITinvolve.

While ITinvolve doesn’t cover every discipline in IT, we do support quite a few of the disciplines you will find in any good size IT organization.

Check them out:
Disciplines We Support

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

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