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Collaboration built for IT

Let’s be real. Nobody wants more email, conference calls, spreadsheets, document sharing sites, outdated visio diagrams, or knowledge bases to search

IT teams struggle to effectively collaborate because they don’t have a shared workspace to connect them with each other and the information they need.

That’s why we created the first application built for IT that engages the right people with the right information and tools to get IT work done more efficiently and effectively.




It starts with Activities. ITinvolve creates cross-team, in-context workspaces for Projects (like software development, application deployments and infrastructure upgrades); Process activities (like incidents, requests, and changes); What-if Scenarios (like impact analysis and data center moves) and Environment Analyses (quickly answering questions such as where are my single points of failure and which applications does a policy govern?)

Next, you need to get the right People involved. ITinvolve automatically identifies all relevant experts and stakholders, engages them in the workspace, and keeps them up-to-date on the activities they are participating in.

Then, you need to display relevant Information and Analysis. ITinvolve ensures the right information from disparate tools and sources is available to everyone using the workspace. We federate data with third-party information sources, provide direct integration to access additional details as needed, and eliminate time wasted looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Finally, you need a way to Facilitate making decisions and to document planned actions. ITinvolve guides teams through their decisions and self-documents collaborations in the workspace. For example, you can assign and track team tasks and milestones; proactively engage experts and stakeholders to assess risks, validate requirements, and conduct root-cause analysis; you can even post and collaborate around automation tool actions.

It’s time for a new way of collaborating in IT. Improve your organization’s agility with Cross-Team Workspaces.


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