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Introducing the first IT management solution designed for today’s social enterprise

At ITinvolve, we have brought innovation to the way IT professional manage their operational tasks by providing a social solution which combines an understanding of relationships and dependencies in the IT environment with an analysis engine that automatically presents critical information to the appropriate user surrounding impacts of changes, root cause of problems or resolution of incidents.
Unlike any service desk tool, ITinvolve enables you to:

  • Understand and visualize key relationships and dependencies across your IT environment
  • Collaborate virtually with stakeholders in the context of the issues and tasks specifically relevant to the user
  • Analyze the impacts of incidents and problems, and proposed changes
  • Automatically present the results of that analysis to all relevant team members.



Read the new IDC analyst report 

See why IDC analyst Frederick Broussard calls ITinvolve’s new cloud service management tool “the next wave of social IT that changes the way incidents and problems are identified, analyzed, and managed.”

IDC Analysts Report

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