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A (Small and Medium) Business Service Management Conundrum

For a number of years, many large enterprises have wrestled with implementing a service management strategy that integrates relevant data resident in a configuration management database (CMDB) with an understanding of business services as derived from / by IT service dependency mapping tools in order to streamline problem, incident, and change management processes.

The benefits provided to IT professionals in obtaining insight from a service view of their IT environment is critical when managing changes or solving incidents/problems. Thus, significant effort and expenditures have been spent on obtaining those views. However, for the less than enterprise sized IT environments, the cost required to obtain an IT service view has been too high both in terms of tool cost as well as in terms of resource allocation. Currently available solutions were simply not designed for their needs.

There is a gap between the commoditized approval/resolution tracking functionality provided by most service desk tools and the full blown service desk/CMDB/ auto discovery and dependency mapping features resident in very large deployments

I believe ITinvolve is the solution for these the medium sized IT environments. We provide a very easy to implement solution that captures the human knowledge resident in the minds of the IT professionals utilizing a truly collaborative methodology. Combined with robust impact analysis, the ability for users and groups to create customized service views, and reporting scalable to the device or CI level, the result is a truly revolutionary solution. In many ways, it far exceeds what current vendors provide in that it is built on knowledge that has been socialized and verified by the right people within the community.

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