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Are you operationally compliant?

How ready are we for our next audit? Will the auditors find any surprises and how much effort will be required to remediate them? Do we have a good handle on which policies govern which resources so we can make decisions with this information at hand?

If you are like most IT leaders, these questions are always in the back of your mind and frequently in the front of your mind as well. Businesses are more dependent on IT than ever before, and in every industry and company there are a range of laws, regulations, standards, security procedures, and other internal policies that govern data about customers, company financials, employees, and more.

Growing IT complexity, including use of cloud-based services and 3rd party service providers, combined with a long-standing pattern of scattered and tribal knowledge about IT environments, and the policies which govern them, is making it more and more difficult for IT organizations to ensure effective policy compliance.

It used to be the case that IT could demonstrate compliance by audit, issue identification, and remediation. But those days are gone in a world where IT directly touches the customer and compliance issues directly impact customers, revenue, and reputation.

Manufacturers have discovered that quality and compliance done externally to operational processes, rather than inline, have failed to achieve the desired results. In fact, the rework to remediate compliance issues in manufacturing slowed time to market and increased cost. IT must adopt a similar approach as well. IT needs ongoing policy compliance that is delivered inline as part of daily operations activities rather than measured after the fact.

We believe that harnessing your systems and people knowledge, and combining it with visual analysis and collaboration, is the key to understanding which policies govern your IT resources and enabling operational policy compliance.

According to Gartner, “Few IT organizations have effective education techniques that reinforce the purpose of policies, and help employees become self-sufficient when using policies on a day-to-day basis.” (“IT Policies Checklist and Content Best Practices,” J. Mahoney, A. Rowsell-Jones, H. Colella, 19 June 2013)

With ITinvolve , you can empower your IT teams to ensure operational policy compliance inline with their daily tasks, so IT can move faster while also proactively meeting the compliance expectations of the business. Only ITinvolve brings together knowledge, analysis, and collaboration in one solution to:

  • Easily and clearly understand and visualize the dependencies between policies, IT infrastructure, and applications
  • Identify and proactively engage the right stakeholders to assess risk
  • Integrate security events and other compliance-related data sources to provide unprecedented transparency and visibility

Watch a short video  so you can see first hand how ITinvolve will help you:

  • Avoid compliance issues from IT changes
  • Ensure issue resolution takes policy impacts into account
  • Produce an ongoing, automated audit trail as part of daily operations

Don’t wait for your next audit to find out where you aren’t compliant and how many resources need to be pulled off of critical projects to remediate the issues. Get ahead of the game and ensure you are always compliant and never fear an audit again.

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

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