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Big Data Leader Chooses ITinvolve

While one hears an awful lot of noise around the term “big data” these days, there is a company called PROS (NYSE: PRO), that has rapidly become a world leader in business-to-business pricing and revenue management software.  PROS is a software company that knows how to harness the power of big data and its unique product is giving major companies around the world an edge in pricing and sales effectiveness.

PROS understands that information is power in the hands of the right people at the right time.  That’s one of the reasons it chose ITinvolve’s innovative collaborative IT management solution to help manage its SaaS-based cloud services. PROS has deployed both ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management™ and ITinvolve for Service Management™ to improve service delivery and help understand the impact of changes in its cloud environment.

Here’s what John Salch, PROS Vice President for Technology and Platforms, liked about our approach to social knowledge management.  “ITinvolve offers a unique online tool that gives our teams access to a single source of federated knowledge to understand critical relationships and dependencies between physical and virtual devices, applications, policies, business services and people for our SaaS-based cloud solutions.”

ITinvolve solutions are used to launch PROS SaaS services from back room development to frontline customer interactions. Salch continues by saying ITinvolve helps “cloud operations, customer and infrastructure support, and development groups improve decision-making processes, reduce risk, and increase our overall management effectiveness and performance.”

So far, the ITinvolve solution is working well according to Christine Lambden, Senior Governance Analyst, thanks in no small part to capabilities of the product and the support that ITinvolve provides.  Here’s what Christine had to say about PROS’ experience. “Over the last year,” she explained, “we’ve seen the ITinvolve product evolve based on our feedback as customers and ITinvolve’s responsiveness is amazing. We can run our request, incident and change management using this tool and we weren’t forced to change our processes at all. The application has adapted to us, mostly through custom templates, but sometimes through conversation with our implementation consultant. The product is good and the people are very, very good.”

As an innovative provider of IT service management and social knowledge capabilities, it’s important to us at ITinvolve that our customers get the most value they can—as quickly as they can—from our product.  So it is great to hear that PROS is achieving its goals of delivering more effective IT management across all major functions.  That’s what we expect for 100% of our customers, and that’s what we’re delivering today.

You can see for yourself how ITinvolve solutions such as ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management and ITinvolve for Service Management can save your IT team time and money while minimizing errors and boosting productivity. Go to our ITinvolve website resources section and download some of our use case scenarios and learn more.  Or, check out one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from another one of our customers, like Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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