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Expect your ISV to provide a business service

Business owners expect IT professionals to deliver business services designed to meet their needs. These services generally include:

  • Defined processes to complete the service
  • Deliver data to the user to make decisions
  • Infrastructure to support the service
  • The communication backbone to complete the service

We believe that you should expect the same comprehensive solution from your service desk provider.

For example, as IT professionals perform their daily operational tasks, an effective solution would combine the understanding of important relationships and dependencies, with the actual steps to perform a process (say, propose a change) within a communication framework that facilitates not only communication but effective collaboration around the task.

Next add intelligence to the process whereby detailed analysis is presented to the IT professional surrounding the potential impact of a change, and that analysis is then automatically delivered to the right people who have a stake in the issue at hand.

Thus, IT professional are equipped with a single solution that combines knowledge with intelligent analysis and automatically delivers that information to the right people within a communication framework that ensure consistent context. The result is an IT organization that collaborates more efficiently, resolves issues faster, and delivers business services more effectively while increasing quality and customer satisfaction.  This is the solution we have created with ITinvolve for Service Management.


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