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More Infrastructure Changes with Less Risk

Ask any Infrastructure & Operations leader if they’d like to handle more infrastructure changes with less risk to their business and you will get a resounding, “Yes!” However, this has been an elusive, and often frustrating goal for many. In fact, most IT organizations have so locked down their change process in order to avoid risks that the pace of change is little more than a crawl. Yet, 80% of business outages are still caused by IT changes. (A CIO of a major airline actually told me recently that it’s more like 98% of business outages are caused by IT changes for his company – ouch.)

Just last week, the New York Times experienced a high profile website and mobile application outage for three hours. At first there was speculation of a cyber attack (they had reported a denial of service attack some months earlier). But, how frustrating it must have been for their spokesperson and management to say the cause was actually — IT maintenance:

“The outage occurred within seconds of a scheduled maintenance update, which we believe was the cause,” Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said.

As every I&O leader knows all too well, even when changes are well-intentioned, things break. Our IT environments are becoming more and more complex and the lines and relationships between this component and that one aren’t as simple as “the knee bone connects to the leg bone.” Often, there are multiple-degree relationships between components that are hidden from understanding and critical knowledge that isn’t documented anywhere but only resides in the heads of experts who may be on vacation, been promoted, left, or let go long ago.

Without a new approach, Infrastructure & Operations organizations will continue to struggle with the pace of infrastructure changes and will generate frequent, unacceptable service interruptions leaving everyone on the business side with a bitter taste in their mouths.

That’s where ITinvolve comes in, because we have taken a fundamentally different approach that combines knowledge, analysis, visualization, and collaboration in one solution designed for IT — to accelerate changes while reducing risks. Check out this quick video to see it in action.

With ITinvolve, you will:

  • Quickly understand and visualize the impact of IT infrastructure changes
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders to assess the risk of those changes
  • Ensure exactly the right information is delivered to those who need it when they need it

The net result?

  • Faster change execution
  • Minimization of business risk
  • Increased change throughput
  • Reduction in unplanned work from IT changes
  • Improved IT performance, reliability, and security (by adopting patches and upgrades more quickly)
  • Improved change success rate

Just experiencing one of these benefits should be worthy of a conversation with one of our IT collaboration specialists. Contact us to get the discussion going. Certainly, it’s better than the status quo.

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

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