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New IDC Report: ITinvolve delivers social IT benefits without the pain of uprooting existing ITSM solutions

A new IDC Link report offering a research opinion from IDC analyst Robert Young highlights one of the key advantages of ITinvolve’s latest release of our SaaS offering, Social Knowledge Management.

Recognizing that many organizations have made investments in existing service desk tools and ITSM solutions, Young describes how ITinvolve’s unique knowledge capture and social collaboration capabilities can be used alongside of existing tools or tightly integrated with an existing service desk or ITSM tool.

Young points out that the latest ITinvolve release, “allows IT organizations to leverage ITinvolve’s powerful social knowledge management capabilities without having to take on the potential burdens associated with uprooting their otherwise functioning third-party service management solutions.”

You can download the complete report from the ITinvolve website at as well as see some of the other recent reviews from leading analyst firms such as OVUM and EMA.

As I’ve discussed ITinvolve’s social knowledge management capabilities with various industry analysts as part of our Winter ’13 launch over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed strong appreciation for why ITinvolve is truly unique in this market.  By combining the best of IT expert crowd-sourcing and peer review with the ability to integrate or federate existing machine-based knowledge stored in CMDBs,

SharePoint sites, spreadsheets, etc. ITinvolve offers a single version of the truth that IT team members can trust.

Based on this human and machine knowledge, ITinvolve generates perspectives that your IT staff and decision makers can use to collaborate in-context on IT objects such as networks, applications, databases, storage, and servers — and understand the key relationships between them in a way that is relevant and specific to their areas of responsibility or interest.   Plus, ITinvolve proactively notifies stakeholders with updates, and alerts them on changes that could result in service interruptions, incidents that may affect service quality, and new knowledge that has been added by other users.

Best of all, ITinvolve’s knowledge capture and collaboration capabilities can be integrated with your existing service desk or ITSM solution through the creation and use of scenario objects and channels. These scenarios are used to support incident management, problem management, request management, and change management — or any other where collaboration and IT environment visibility are needed for effective decision-making.

And it’s not only these capabilities individually, but more so their collective innovation that is making ITinvolve such a compelling alternative to traditional IT management approaches.  Besides downloading our analyst reports, I would encourage you to watch one of our recent archived webinars.  You’ll hear straight from one of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment, as well as other webinars that further describe ITinvolve’s newest capabilities and how you can benchmark your own Social IT maturity.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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