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OVUM Report recognizes “compelling” differences and enhancements to ITinvolve service and knowledge management solutions

It was encouraging to see a recent report by Adam Holtby from OVUM, an independent analyst and consultancy firm headquartered in London, highlighting several key advantages of ITinvolve’s service and knowledge management solutions.

Specifically, the report notes an important differentiator for ITinvolve’s unique knowledge capture and social collaboration capabilities.  Holtby points out that:

“Many ITSM solutions have embraced social, but this is usually through modular add-ons or integration with popular social network platforms.  ITinvolve offers a solution that has been built with social at is core, and the wealth of knowledge gained from this can benefit all core ITIL processes support by the tool.”

You can download the complete report from the ITinvolve website at as well as read other recent reviews from leading analyst firms such as IDC and EMA.

The OVUM report points out that as part of our Winter ’13 release, ITinvolve’s knowledge capture and collaboration capabilities can now be easily integrated with existing service desk or ITSM solutions through the use of what we call scenario objects and channels. These scenarios are used to support an extensive set of processes ranging from incident and request management, to change and problem management as well as other areas where collaboration and IT environment visibility are essential to making more effective decisions – such as disaster recovery planning.

Our seamless integration with existing tools makes it possible for any IT organization to take advantage of ITinvolve’s social IT collaboration strengths — a huge productivity booster for your IT service operations.  Holtby spells it out:

“This functionality prevents service desk analysts from having to spend time tracking down who an incident should be escalated to, as this information is contained as part of the scenario object. It also eliminates the need for service desk analysts to re-discover or repeat information, as knowledge gained through addressing the scenarios is added to ITinvolve for future use. This approach enables ITinvolve to do away with the drudgery of creating knowledge articles, as new knowledge is easily and automatically added through day-to-day operations.”

For the many reasons cited in the OVUM report and more, ITinvolve represents a compelling complement to traditional IT management approaches. To see how it works, visit our website and download a Use Case Scenario that describes in more detail how ITinvolve complements existing tools.  And, be sure to watch one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from one of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment.  When you’re ready, find out how you can take a no-risk free trial of ITinvolve for your own environment at .

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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