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Use of SOCIAL IT solutions

As social methodologies permeate the world of IT, I often hear from IT stakeholders that the benefits they see from our product are very profound, but, much of the value is realized only if a significant population of their IT community uses the product. This observation is absolutely true. The value a social tools provides grows exponentially as the community of users expands.

This leads me to the next thing  I have heard time and again, “…individual IT professionals detest using many of today’s service desk products because individually they do not derive value from the product.”  By value they typically mean either a savings in  the user’s time or obtaining knowledge that helps in the operational task at hand.   Sure, current service desk solutions are a valuable tracking tool for the change and, in some cases, approval processes. But, its value is primarily as a system of record for the IT department, and does very little attempting to empower or benefit the user in any meaningful way to perform their job more efficiently and with less risk.

The key to gaining a broad and healthy user base of a social tool is ensuring that the value the individual receives is greater than the effort required to use the product. It really is that simple.

We have spent millions of dollars making sure that the value the user receives from our solution in performing daily operational tasks is well beyond the effort needed to maintain the product.  If you are attending Dreamforce, visit us at Booth 20 and we’ll show you some examples.

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