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Why customers choose ITinvolve: A School District with Urgent Pain but Limited Budget

One of the best parts of my job as head of marketing for ITinvolve is talking with new customers to discover why they chose to implement our innovative solutions.  We usually post some of their comments in new customer announcement press releases on our website.

Take the West Aurora school district 129 located in a suburb southwest of Chicago.  West Aurora is one of our newest customers using the ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management software as a service.  Like a lot of school districts across the country, Don Ringelestein, director of technology for West Aurora has been dealing with reduced budgets and state aid, forcing him and schools like his to take an urgent look at how to achieve the best possible quality of service with fewer resources.

“We found tremendous utility in leveraging ITinvolve for our change and knowledge management needs,” he told us. “Given today’s economic realities, we have to seek out new and more innovative ways to save money and time by improving how we manage our IT infrastructure and vendor relationships. With ITinvolve, we can easily codify existing knowledge and add to it over time through social IT collaboration.  This enables us to be more efficient and accurate in our work, give our vendors a more accurate update on how their equipment is performing, and improve overall end user satisfaction.”

Prior to ITinvolve, Ringelestein said users experienced widely divergent issue resolution times as IT staff had expertise in different areas and knowledge was stored in different places.  This made the IT service experience inconsistent and difficult to manage without a “single version” of the truth about his IT environment.

Because Ringelestein has a combination of district employees and contractors with different levels of expertise and in different areas, he recognized an urgent need to share knowledge across the organization so it’s more accessible to everyone and so he could achieve a more consistent and high quality service experience for his users.  ITinvolve gives him the means to collect, verify and share key knowledge, regardless of where, or with whom, it resides.

Here’s how he describes the benefit he gets every day from ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management:

“We are building a social knowledge system that enables us to tell a story around all of our devices – at the end of the day, ITinvolve saves us money because we don’t spend time anymore calling around, sifting through e-mails and asking about a particular device to get what we need to solve an issue. ITinvolve is tremendously easy to use as it’s built using social media principles that our teams find very familiar.”

Ringelestein, who leads a roundtable group of school district technology leaders in northern Illinois,  plans to share the efficiency-generating, cost saving success of ITinvolve with fellow district CIOs in search of more innovative IT change, knowledge and service management alternatives.  That gives us at ITinvolve a great deal of satisfaction as we look to helping other school districts improve the quality of IT service and educational opportunities for their students.

To gain a better understanding of how you can use ITinvolve to get immediate value in meeting your IT operational challenges, go to our ITinvolve website resources section and download some of our use case scenarios.

And, be sure to watch one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from one of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment.  If you are feeling an urgent pain in your IT operations there’s no better time to explore a no-risk free trial of ITinvolve in your own environment at .

I’ll be sharing more customer stories in the weeks ahead.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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