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Why customers choose ITinvolve: Rapid growth of Security-as-a-Service company calls for a new approach to managing IT changes

You can imagine how critical IT operations must be for a company that offers Security-as-a-Service, and how unintended consequences from changes can not only wreak havoc internally but actually risk the business should IT changes cause unexpected problems.  That’s the challenge for a very successful company based in Houston called AlertLogic. Founded in 2002, Alert Logic has grown revenues more than 50 percent each year, while adding more than 100 new employees in the last few years.

According to Alert Logic Senior Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer, Dave Colesante, finding a solution like ITinvolve to help manage that kind of growth in IT ops was like having a dream come true.  Here’s how he put it to us:

“In a growing company that has added over a hundred new employees over the last two years, having a solution that proactively engages the right experts and self-documents activities makes it easier and faster to get everyone onboard with the process so we can make better-informed decisions.”

By choosing ITinvolve, Colesante is able to move beyond burdensome manual IT process oversight to a whole new world of automated knowledge sharing and collaboration among his staff.  This, in turn, goes a long way to ensuring changes are properly evaluated among each and every stakeholder through a unique, collaborative change assessment and weigh-in process.  And most importantly, he and his stakeholders gain a solution that ensures no stone is left unturned when assessing risks upfront so there are no surprises down the road.

ITinvolve gives Alert Logic the ability to visualize the impact of planned changes, involve appropriate stakeholders, and make accurate decisions in support of rapid business growth objectives.  Just as important, ITinvolve helps the AlertLogic IT staff define changes in the context of social objects that interact with each other, allowing for a faster identification of upstream and downstream impacts.

“I’ve been using manual change management approaches and ITIL processes for twenty years,” Colesante said, “and I found ITinvolve’s approach to be fresh with an appealing SaaS model that helped us get up-and-running fast and cost effectively.”

For Alert Logic, finding a better way to automate and run the change management process wasn’t the only benefit from choosing ITinvolve.  AlertLogic was also looking to support business outcomes and evolve as a company with ITinvolve as a like-minded partner in innovation and growth.

“The commitment and ability of the ITinvolve team to do what they say, and say what they do, is a sound foundation to grow the relationship,” he said. “As a SaaS provider, fast deployment is what we expect. We have a high standard for rapid customer deployment and we liked how ITinvolve met that same standard.”

Colesante also has some advice for others considering ITinvolve solutions such as ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management and ITinvolve for Service Management.

“If you want to grow and ensure your processes and procedures are commensurate to your level of growth and the amount of change you’re making, then it makes sense to use a solution like ITinvolve. Our business is IT, and we are confident that ITinvolve has the right focus on quality and attention to detail to be a part of our growing success.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  So, if you want to see how you can use ITinvolve to get immediate value in meeting your IT operational challenges, go to our ITinvolve website resources section and download some of our use case scenarios.

You should also check out one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from another of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in a highly complex environment.

Next week:  In honor of the approaching annual tax return filing deadline in April, we explore why the nation’s leading tax audit defense firm has chosen to implement ITinvolve for Service Management.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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