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The goals of knowledge management are to capture experience, share it across teams, and make it easy to find when needed.

Unfortunately, traditional knowledge bases aren’t meeting these goals in most IT organizations.

In Our Experience

Unless you define IT knowledge management as desktop support articles and FAQs, traditional knowledge management systems can’t handle the complexity of documenting or visualizing modern IT environments and aren’t able to keep up with the pace of change.

A traditional article-based approach is too time-consuming for experts to support, and formal knowledge article review and approvals often take so long that the knowledge is out of date by the time it’s published.

These systems also rely on a keyword, indexing, and search approach. This means you must know what you are looking for and often have to review dozens or hundreds of search results to find the right information (if it’s even there).

What’s more, traditional knowledge management systems are heavily text-based with static graphics. There is no interactive visualization of how the organization’s collective knowledge relates to applications, infrastructure, and policies.

Simply stated, traditional knowledge systems don’t support more than a very small percentage of the decisions and actions that take place in IT every day.

Works with Your Existing IT Management Software

ITinvolve leverages your existing, scattered sources of IT knowledge and quickly captures critical, undocumented tribal knowledge.

Read more about the integration and federation methods we support.

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“We were heading down the path of building our own IT knowledge management system when I came across ITinvolve and realized they had not only built what we were seeking, but could also provide social collaboration capabilities that could take us even further”

– Matt Estes
Director of Strategic Initiatives


A breakthrough approach to IT knowledge management
ITinvolve facilitates the collaborative culture in IT and makes it easy to capture the collective experience in your organization and deliver it proactively to those who need it when they need it.

Our capabilities address the full range of IT knowledge worker needs, from incident resolution to change impact analysis, application management, dependency mapping, automation management, data center moves, disaster recovery planning, and much more.

ITinvolve is current and trusted

  • Systems-based information (e.g. discovery and configuration data, policies, application requirements) is continuously captured, then validated and enhanced through crowd-sourcing and expert peer review
  • IT team members are always informed of the latest knowledge, with no “catch up” ever needed because they are updated as new knowledge is added for the IT elements they follow

ITinvolve is relevant and fast

  • Knowledge is proactively delivered to IT staff in the context of the issue or decision being worked
  • The scope of knowledge addresses the full needs of IT knowledge workers (relationships and dependencies, best practices, key settings, and much more)
  • Knowledge is presented in a highly visual manner (like a visual Wikipedia for your IT knowledge), enabling rapid insight and decision-making

Our unique and award-winning approach ensures a high rate of use and knowledge contribution because ITinvolve supports the needs of all IT knowledge workers and is easy to use. With ITinvolve, there is no more time wasted searching for information or experts, and collective knowledge is available in context at people’s finger tips to help them make smarter decisions.

Knowledge is Presented Visually in Context of Relationships Between Objects

All Objects Support In-Context Collaboration and Promotion of Conversations as New Knowledge

Knowledge is Promoted Proactively In the Context of Issues or Decisions Being Worked

Knowledge Content with Ratings

Knowledge Available to End Users in ITinvolve Service Portal