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A new approach after the failure of CMDB’s

There’s something going on in IT operations these days.  People are starting to admit that CMDBs aren’t working anymore.  Most IT professionals already know this, but it’s difficult to acknowledge after investing so much time, effort and money into systems that have rarely delivered on their promise.

That’s why ITinvolve’s introduction of Social Knowledge Management, the new cloud service based on the Force platform from is so important. Because for the first time, ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management delivers what can only be a called “a single version of the truth.”  It’s a new solution that’s easily accessible online from anywhere and federates all kinds of structured and unstructured information in ways that IT professionals can actually use to solve problems, make changes and demonstrate compliance.

The concept is simple and the execution is straightforward: organize IT environments according to objects that represent not just physical elements such as servers but other technology and knowledge such as applications, policies and people.  ITinvolve’s approach is simple and direct using social collaboration that will improve communication among IT professionals. The best place to learn more is to start with the overview video about Social Knowledge Management.   Then sign up for a webinar

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