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A new era in Social IT Operations management

ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management has introduced a whole new realm of IT management that we call Social IT Operations.  What does that mean?  First it’s an acknowledgement that IT environments operate today in a social enterprise.  The “consumerization” of IT in many organizations reflects a change in not only in how people use technology in the workplace, but how they communicate with each other through social media.

Today, forward thinking IT professionals are looking for new solutions to help manage and transform their IT organizations in the social enterprise. Like you, they are looking for more effective ways to capture the power of collective information that is unstructured and scattered throughout the organization or resides in the minds of employees. If that information can be harnessed, your job—and the results you achieve—could be dramatically more effective in solving daily IT challenges.

Check out our Free White Paper entitled “Social IT Operations Management: A new approach for solving persistent IT problems,” to learn more about how new ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management can make your life a lot easier and your IT team much more efficient and productive.  And see for yourself how ITinvolve can work for you by signing up for a webinar

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