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CMDB’s vs. ITinvolve

In a recent study conducted jointly by Forrester Research and ITSM found that of the ITSM professionals they survey only 25% have deployed CMDBs and are enjoying any form of success. When you speak to IT professionals the praises for their organization’s CMDB, or the slightly evolved CMS, are few and far between, and even when it is acknowledged as something positive, the positive comes with heavy caveats.

If you know that having a good understanding of the IT environment is absolutely necessary to manage the environment. And, you believe:

  • Understanding the IT environment is not just about infrastructure and application connections. i.e. understanding those connections are necessary but not sufficient
  • What is needed is a simple and effective tool to understand and visualize dependencies between people, infrastructure, policies, services and more

Then, you need to read our comparative report that helps you understand how ITinvolve has reinvented the obsolete  – but necessary CMDB.

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