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Itinvolve Launches Breakthrough Social, Federated Management Solution Rendering Current Cmdb Solutions Obsolete

Today, ITinvolve announced general availability of ITinvolve for Social Knowledge ManagementTM, empowering IT professionals with the ability to fully understand their complex IT environments, transparentlycollaborate to build collective knowledge, and effectively assess impacts and risks when making changes, resolving incidents and managing assets. ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management delivers on the original promise of today’s largely obsolete Configuration Database (CMDB) technologies.

Current tools for managing IT, including CMDBs, service desk tools and trouble ticket systems, lack the ability to provide a sufficient understanding of today’s complex IT infrastructure. As a result, IT professionals spend precious time trying to gain a complete picture of their rapidly evolving environment.

ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management™ delivers a practical, comprehensive and up-to-date source of information that accurately captures and depicts any IT environment. For the first time, IT professionals gain access to a single source of federated knowledge enabling them to understand characteristics and relationships between physical and virtual devices, applications, policies, business services and people

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