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Some CEO thoughts on the new Gartner ITSSM Magic Quadrant

Last week Gartner released their “kinda annual” magic quadrant for the service desk market.  I say “kinda annual” as they skipped the prior year citing there was really nothing new to report. This year, the big news was that there still was nothing new to report. Gartner concluded there were literally no innovators and no leaders in their report. For those interested in the source document, it is titled “Magic Quadrant for IT Service  Support Management Tool” issued August 20, 2012 numbered G00231576.

I agree with Gartner’s conclusions that IT service desk tools themselves are no longer sufficient for maintaining business productivity. I believe the reason is service desk venders have not spent cycles on innovation due to the lack of perceived return on the innovation investment.

I’ll take social collaboration as one example of service desk venders asserting they have innovated where there really is none. Virtually all service desk tools claim they have social collaboration, but in reality their definition of social collaboration means opening a ticket via an IM session or chat rooms around a particular topic. That is not social collaboration. That’s a joke.

Collaboration innovation means:

  • A subscribe/unsubscribe capability to allow you to follow the items you care about
  • Automatic notification of only the items you care about
  • A methodology where all stakeholders are looking at items in the same context
  • Enabling virtual processes creation with common content and context
  • A simple methodology to retain knowledge and associate it with a particular item in your IT environment such that the information is not lost in a knowledge base black hole

Social collaboration needs to be in the fabric of a service management solution, not an “add on” check box. At ITinvolve, we understand what it means to innovate. Check out our service management capabilities and see how we are innovating.

Logan Wray

CEO, ITinvolve

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