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Transforming IT Change Management — a new tool that changes the game for IT professionals

Over the past several years, the founders and developers of ITinvolve for Change Management have had a lot of conversations with system administrators, IT Directors and CIOs about their change management frustrations and needs.  We invariably heard the same story over and over again: Every time they experienced an outage, it was usually caused by changes made somewhere in their IT environment.  In short, they were doing it to themselves.

Some recent analyst findings only confirm what IT managers kept telling us:

  • 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by unforeseen impacts from changes made in the IT environment
  • 80% of the time spent to resolve an incident (MTTR) is spent investigating the question “what changed” in the IT environment
  • Most frontline IT staff have to rely on past experience or intuition when making changes since they have no reliable automated tools to help them

That’s all changed with the introduction this month of ITinvolve for Change Management.

That’s because at ITinvolve we’ve taken an entirely new approach— one that aligns the right information with the right people at the right time.  ITinvolve for Change Management is an online service built on the foundation of, the proven, secure and scalable cloud platform from

Our game changing approach to IT change management is simple:

  • We provide you the best way to quickly understand complex IT environments
  • We arm you with the ability to connect and collaborate with the right people at the right time – on the change at hand
  • And as a result we dramatically improve your ability to understand and assess change impacts to increase change success rates and reduce the risks of downtime

Bottom Line: ITinvolve for Change Management lets you make IT change decisions with a level of confidence unknown until now.

Check out our new overview video along with our web site.  And stay tuned as our first users help us explain how IT change management has changed forever thanks to ITinvolve for Change Management.

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    I find this blog to be one of the most fascinating blogs ever written…you are to be congratulated!

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