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Lessons from TaxAudit’s experience with ITinvolve

Last week we posted a guest blog from one of our customers, Matt Estes of TaxAudit, the nation’s largest audit defense organization with over three million customers.  Matt was kind enough to share his experiences with ITinvolve after about 6 months of implementation.   I want to focus on TaxAudit’s experience with ITinvolve in order to expand on the truly innovative nature of our solution.

As Matt noted in his blog, “Any significant change to an organization takes time to implement as people absorb the new information and processes, then adapt their work habits to fit the new model.”  Those of us who work in IT, know that IT has a collaborative culture.  IT team members rely on the expertise and knowledge of their peers to plan new initiatives, resolve complex issues, and more.  But until ITinvolve brought its social IT collaboration solution to market, this collaboration could only be accomplished in an ad hoc fashion using instant messaging, email, conference calls and the like.  While those methods do have value, they don’t proactively engage all the right stakeholders the way ITinvolve does.  And they don’t preserve knowledge and expertise shared during the collaboration for re-use later.

One of the most significant advantages of implementing ITinvolve comes from its ability to empower IT stakeholders. In fact, we have a recent whitepaper that explains how ITinvolve actually helps to rebalance the  over-emphasis on process and technology in the people-process-technology equation.

What ITinvolve has delivered is a next generation solution that is designed to harness the collective knowledge and experience of the organization, and proactively engage the right experts to plan changes, resolve incidents, and more.  So while IT is, in fact, collaborative, there is a period of adjustment that ITinvolve customers go through as they finally have a solution that empowers the people in their organization and facilitates collaboration to get work done.  Here is how it works:

  • Divide and Conquer – The ITinvolve solution overcome limitations of traditional mechanistic approaches to IT information discovery through a unique way to capture key knowledge across the IT environment.  We accomplish this through a crowd-sourcing and peer review process that encourages knowledge and expertise sharing among IT staff. No other solution captures human knowledge like ITinvolve.
  • Feed and Engage – ITinvolve facilitates new ways of engagement that break down traditional barriers to communication and collaboration among IT teams and stakeholders.  We use social media style techniques that users are familiar with, and virtual collaboration channels that filter out the noise and clutter enabling IT teams to concentrate on what they care about the most.
  • Assign and Trust – Unlike any other solution, ITinvolve fosters accountability for knowledge, so that individuals take on responsibilities to contribute, update and collaborate that go way beyond traditional IT processes and systems. Using ITinvolve, they actually earn their peers trust through their participation in capturing knowledge and sharing their expertise.
  • Make it Second Nature – ITinvolve incorporates social media techniques and approaches that feel natural and intuitive to IT team members which accelerates the value from the solution.  In fact, a recent customer said that they’ve learned more about their environment in a few weeks with ITinvolve than in the prior years they have worked at their company.  The way ITinvolve work is both easy and feels right to those who use it.
  • Reinforce and Reward – The ITinvolve solution also provides the reporting and tracking capabilities for executives and IT managers to recognize and reward collaborative behavior among IT staff and stakeholders.

As Matt Estes from TaxAudi points out, adapting your organization to use the ITInvolve solution takes some adjustment, but the investment is well worth it. If you haven’t read it yet, I would encourage you to read his blog and then take a closer look at ITinvolve yourself.  Check out our website resources section to download some of our use case scenarios, as well as view one of our recent archived webinars to hear straight from another of our customers, Jalasoft, how ITinvolve works in their highly complex environment.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President Marketing

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