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The goal of problem management is to eliminate recurring incidents by identifying root-causes and developing permanent fixes.

In Our Experience

The problem management tools many organizations have deployed as part of their service desk package provide little more than problem tracking forms and don’t effectively facilitate root cause analysis and cross-team collaboration.

Instead, this work has to be done outside of the tool and is highly manual with many meetings and conference calls, frequent use of out of date Visio diagrams, and reliance on incomplete information about environments and dependencies. Policy impacts associated with proposed fixes are often an afterthought, putting organizations at risk of non-compliance as well.

Visualize Upstream and Downstream Dependencies to Identify Root-Causes

ITinvolve provides the basic problem record tracking you expect, but goes much further to:

  • Identify and engage all relevant experts to avoid undersubscribing or oversubscribing the problem team
  • Proactively arm problem team members with all relevant knowledge (both systems-based and tribal) about the IT elements associated with the problem
  • Provide powerful, visual analysis of upstream and downstream dependencies to aid in faster root-cause analysis
  • Ensure problem resolution teams take compliance policies into account when developing and executing fixes
  • Proactively notify service support teams of new fixes


Better problem management
in combination with existing ITSM tools

ITinvolve also works in combination with an existing problem ticketing solution, such as BMC Remedy or ServiceNow. When using ITinvolve in combination with an existing tool, we proactively arm personnel with all relevant knowledge about the elements affected, identify and engage the relevant experts, accelerate root-cause analysis through comprehensive relationship and dependency mapping, and ensure fixes are in line with company policies.

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The benefits of ITinvolve’s approach are significant:

  1. Identify likely root-causes faster and more accurately
  2. Eliminate over or under subscribing problem teams
  3. Ensure fixes don’t violate policies and regulations
  4. Improved business leader and user satisfaction by reducing the problem backlog