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ITinvolve provides the actionable information IT professionals need – uniting scattered data sources and capturing tribal knowledge. ITinvolve proactively delivers unparalleled risk and impact analysis by visually mapping relationships and dependencies.

With ITinvolve, developers and operations teams collaborate with each other and with business stakeholders like never before.

App Service Dependency Mapping

Application & Service
Dependency Mapping

Accurate. Trusted. Powerful
visualization and analysis

Big Data Dependency Mapping

Big Data
Dependency Mapping

Understand and manage
big data dependencies

Cloud Computing Migration

Cloud Computing

Safely migrate apps and
infrastructure to/from the cloud

Change Impact Analysis

Change Impact

Eliminate the risk of
unintended consequences

Configuration Drift

Configuration Drift

Identify and correct drift.
Stop it from happening.

CMDB Inaccuracy

CMDB Inaccuracy

Finally a CMDB your
team can trust and use

Cross Team Issue Resolution

Cross-team Issue

Delight the business with how
reliably services perform

Devops Agility

DevOps Agility

Accelerate application delivery
and improve collaboration

Enterprise IT Visibility

Enterprise IT

Know your current state.
Make better decisions

Infrastructure Change Agility

Change Agility

Move faster with lower risk

Mobile Application Dependency Mapping

Mobile App
Dependency Mapping

Understand dependencies to deliver great app experiences

Regulatory COmpliance


Put compliance in line with
daily operations