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Change Impact Analyzer

One of the biggest problems we face in our IT environments is that we often don’t know what kind of potential impacts our changes will have. And understanding the impact of changes is the key to reducing risk. Everything is so interconnected that even one small change can lead to huge problems elsewhere.

Remember that 80% of outages are unforeseen consequences of our changes.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case—with ITinvolve for Change Management’s Change Impact Analyzer capability.

This powerful tool enables you to assess how a proposed change will affect technology objects in your environment before the change ever takes flight.

Change Impact Analyzer performs three critically important functions:

First, it displays upstream and downstream impacts to physical and virtual objects so you can see how a change might potentially affect those related objects.

Secondly, Change Impact Analyzer reveals impacts to business services, policies, and affected people.

And finally, it enables you to perform effective business risk and security assessment before you make a change, so there’s no guessing, and no unforeseen impacts once you make the change.

Where other services require administrators to determine potential change impacts, Change Impact Analyzer gathers all that information and automatically displays it to anyone who might be affected by the change, so you can effectively collaborate and analyze changes before impacts ever occur.

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