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Another area that we looked at early on was CMDBs. We recognize that CMDBs are very important for better understanding an IT environment, and from a technology perspective, CMDBs became absolutely necessary many years ago. The problem today is trying to keep a CMDB up to date; it’s very difficult to maintain the information in CMDBs. For change management, we need the ability to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about our IT environments. Having that ability results in Sys Admins who can trust the data and use it for their decision-making. Unfortunately, the reality is that right now, they don’t trust the data, so they assume risks just because they don’t know for sure that the data is accurate.

CMDB’s don’t help us view complex object relationships and see how they affect individual users, business services or policies. These tools really don’t even help to ensure that you are communicating with the right people, in the context of the proposed change on a technology object. So, we wanted to fill in these gaps and allow ITinvolve to compliment CMDBs.

We are not trying to replace CMDBs, because they have a place and a role inside IT environments. But we do think that with a product like ITinvolve for Change Management, you can leverage all the information you have in the CMDBs in order to dramatically improve your ability to understand the impacts of changes; that enables your IT staff to be more confident that a change wont take a service down or lead to a negative outcome.















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