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Executive Introduction

The transition away from siloed management toward a more service-centric management culture was never going to be easy. And even as it’s stumbled forward towards real progress, it’s taken many casualties along the way.

While many solutions are evolving, and CMDB technology is finally moving forward to begin to keep with the dynamic needs for cloud, most solutions remain very “technology” versus “people” centric. This is more often than not a recipe for failure, when, as ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMATM) consulting has documented, it is governance and dialog across multiple stakeholders, along with solid C-level commitment, that most often determines whether or not a strategic service or change management initiative succeeds.

In EMA’s opinion, ITinvolve for Change Management is designed to be a perfect complement to industry advances in discovery, application dependency mapping, CMDB/CMS solutions, advanced analytics in performance and trending, and other areas of technology focus. By leveraging a combination of object-modeling for context and impact analysis, with Social IT for stakeholder and executive interaction, with a core, self-populating knowledgebase for trending, analysis and governance, ITinvolve is providing a compelling new facility for actively managing change by optimizing and sharing tribal knowledge with minimal technological complexity and administrative costs.


Why Cross-Domain Change Management is Essential – and Why It So Often Fails

EMA research and consulting consistently reinforces the requirements for a more effective approach for cross-domain change management control, as well as cross-domain service management more broadly. This is all the more conspicuous with the growing criticality of cloud-related technologies and services, as well as pressures for IT to align more cohesively in support of business objectives.

However, moving beyond siloed processes, tools and mindsets to a truly cross-domain approach for managing change across IT is not only a technical challenge, with distinctive demands on toolset design, it is also a very human challenge.

What’s largely been missing from the marketplace is a change management solution that can combine strong communication and socialization capabilities with broadly adaptable reconciliation, impact analysis and reporting functionality. Moreover, all this needs to be achieved without trapping IT adopters inside a maze of overwhelming technical complexity.


ITinvolve: Enabling Change through an Interactive Knowledge Building System

ITinvolve is a new and innovative company with a unique approach to cross-domain change management. This approach is built squarely around communication requirements through a highly contextual approach to social networking, as well as a solid focus on the technology challenges of currency, visibility and impact analysis across domains.

What sets ITinvolve for Change Management apart in particular is its consistent attention to the human dimension of change management – including dialog facilitation and role-related visualization capabilities that are surprisingly granular for a new entrant into the change management marketplace. One analogy might be – just as physical CIs have “adjacency” in terms of connected interdependencies – change managers, systems administrators, network engineers, application owners, security professionals and IT executives all have interdependencies upon each other when they attempt to manage or govern change. By providing directed visibility into “adjacent” roles as well as devices, software and services, ITinvolve provides a foundation for knowledge building and sharing that’s unique within the industry.


EMA Assessment

While ITinvolve for Change Management is very much a new and evolving solution, it holds great technology for modeling, reconciling, and analyzing critical resources and unique capabilities for socializing the process of change management across multiple stakeholders.

This doesn’t mean that all the thorny political and process issues associated with managing change simply go away. Like any advanced technology, ITinvolve will deliver its best results in organizations ITinvolve brings to the table is a distinctive set of capabilities for evolving both dialogs and an intelligent database intelligence of the most relevant stakeholders, versus an all-consuming effort at centralized data administration.

IT organizations can also freely explore ITinvolve in support of multiple roles and use cases thanks to its versatility and adaptability and relatively low levels of administration via its SaaS services. And while it is fair to assume that functional enhancements will be quickly forthcoming as ITinvolve for Change Management continues to take shape, IT early adopters should still be able to reap meaningful advantages with relatively quick time to value from early phase deployments that build with the solution as it grows.

ITinvolve provides a breath of fresh air in its humanization of change management initiatives that have typically gotten sidetracked due to hard-to-use software and overwhelming technical complexity. Within the very near future, EMA looks forward to ITinvolve for Change Management becoming both a strongly transformative catalyst for IT, as well as a game changer for the industry as a whole.

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