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How IT executives benefit from ITinvolve

Over the last year we’ve talked to a very wide range of companies—everything from small businesses to multi-billion dollar companies—and as we talked to them, the common theme we found was a concern about lack of visibility when it comes to potential impacts of changes. When you have a CIO or a VP of IT who needs to be in control of the environment, one of the things that really sits wrong with them is that any time there’s an outage, the first phone call that comes in from up above—from the CEO or someone else—is “What happened?” and “What are you doing about it?” And as the IT executives get those calls, they feel very uncomfortable in many cases when they know they did it to themselves; they have to explain that they rolled out a change and caused the outage, and that’s not a good conversation to have with any business owner or CEO.

So that’s a common theme that we saw across the board. It’s just very uncomfortable for these IT executives to have such limited visibility of the potential impacts of their changes. Having the visibility to understand how changes might potentially impact the stakeholders and services in general was an area where they got really interested about ITinvolve, but they told us “We don’t know how you’re going to solve the problem.” When we came back a month later to show them how our product dramatically improves their ability to understand the impacts and risks of potential changes, it was incredible to see their reactions and their excitement. And one of the things they loved most about ITinvolve for Change Management was that it is that it doesn’t require an army to implement. It’s a simple integration process that can be done in a matter days rather than months like most enterprise applications out there. So getting that reaction was even more reinforcing of the concept that this big problem and people want a practical solution.






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