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Leveraging existing investments

One of the things that we were initially worried about was that if system administrators have spent years collecting information about technology objects, about knowledge, about policies, automation scripts and all of that, how could we possibly come in and say, “You have to do it all again.”

We wouldn’t do that—if we were them we wouldn’t do that. So we started from that angle—since we wouldn’t do it, we’re not going to ask them to do it either. We invested our time in creating an easy way of exporting information and then linking it to information that you already have. That allows us to create more of a connection system that identifies all of the important pieces of information of a particular service, application, or technology object. We bring the different pieces of information that are collected in other applications and data sources, and link it into our system so that you have one place to find all that knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years—and you can do it very rapidly. That way you don’t have to go on a hunting expedition to find the information when you’re in a crisis moment.

We want to preserve the investments companies have already made, and we want to make it easy for them to import the pieces that make sense for them to align to the objects. And every company and every group and admin will do it differently depending on how much they want to bring in and what kinds of information are important to them. So our whole point was, “Lets preserve the efforts that organizations have invested enormous amounts of money in, and leverage it in our product for the benefit of our customers.”













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