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Perspectives Manager

In our previous videos, we’ve discussed how users create objects, and how they define and manage relationships between them.

We’ve also spent time discussing the paradigm shift that the ITinvolve solution introduces with Social Knowledge Management. The next step in the process is to organize and visualize this collective knowledge in the proper context for the role of the user or department. The ITinvolve solution calls this organization and visualization of the collected knowledge a Perspective.

Each person or department in an IT organization can create a Perspective that best helps them visualize relationships and collaborate as they work on change, incident, or problem management cycles.

In this video we will cover:

• How to build a perspective and add relationships
• What to consider when building a perspective

Perspectives allows you to comprehend complex, interrelated objects in your IT environment from unique vantage points while improving the lines of communication between teams. Perspectives also provides the foundation for impact analysis, as seen in our Change Impact Analzer video.

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