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The Power of Perspectives

While Technology Object Manager allows us to effectively define technology objects and their relationships, we’re still missing an important element—and that’s the people.

When we talk about people involved in change impact analysis, two questions come up: who’s responsible for each technology object, and whom do we need to bring into the conversation to avoid potential impacts?

What traditional products have been doing up to this point is forcing everyone to look at the same pile of information in their IT environments. And people are saying, ‘This has nothing to do with me.’ It just doesn’t help them make sense of their unique situations. But what if there was a way to allow each person to look at technology objects from a vantage point that made sense to them?

Well, that’s the power of Perspectives.

Perspectives is all about relating technology objects to each other through the lens of people’s specific roles. We’re giving each user visual representations of their objects’ relationships and enabling them to quickly understand how changes could impact other systems, applications, functional areas, and policies. And you’ll be able to easily visualize areas of intersection and identify interdependencies across your environment.

Providing risk assessment that’s based on personal, rather than generic perspectives ensures that the right people get involved while an impact is still avoidable.

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