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The Future of IT Operations – Principle 3: Present intelligent and relevant analysis to stakeholders automatically

This is part four of  a six part series from our CEO – Logan Wray

Principle 3: Present intelligent and relevant analysis to stakeholders automatically

Current service desk tools simply do not have the analytic functionality needed to present information required by IT professionals to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively today. What is needed is a way to take the collective knowledge of individuals and data sources involved, analyze the relationships and dependencies related to a specific issue, and then provide the relevant information to the IT operations users to help them make better decisions.

Service management tools need to stop making IT users spend valuable time searching for information among multiple sources, and then forcing them to spend even more effort to sort out and analyze key information once they’ve found it. Rather, the tool itself should help each IT professional analyze key relationships and dependencies and then automatically present this information to stakeholders.

By presenting users with key information through a concept that we call Active Knowledge Delivery, appropriate stakeholders are automatically alerted to the potential impact of incidents or changes and brought into the discussion, helping them resolve operational tasks with unprecedented speed. This kind of capability—one that IT professionals could only dream of until now— would be able to bring the analysis and knowledge necessary to improve the performance of operational tasks to the right people at the right time, in the context of their specific role or job.

Stay tuned for Principle 4: Enable IT individuals and teams to collaborate in context

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