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The kind of reports that every IT manager dreams about

ITinvolve for Change Management’s Results Manager gives you the kind of “out-of-the-box” report capability that IT managers usually only dream about.  That’s because it generates reports that are filled with actionable information.  Our detailed and summary reports enable individuals at all levels to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of their change management processes and activities. And just as important, get valuable insights into the application of policies across the entire IT environment.

Take a look at this screen capture of a change success rate report that only took a couple of seconds to produce.  You can easily compare the total number of changes (blue) against the number of Emergency Changes (red) as well as successful (green) and failed changes (yellow)


Some of the reports that IT Manager’s love include:

IT Assets by Owner: Provides details about the number and types of objects owned by individual IT team members to help identify where staff may be overburdened and work load balancing required.

Changes by Type and Status: Allows change owners to see status of their changes from initiation to final review and approval.  Improves change management efficiency and demonstrates when and where workloads may require additional resources.

Change Planning and Outcome Detail: Shows all changes by owner, time from proposal to completion, and the result of the change in terms of success or failure to measure change owner performance.

Change Planning and Outcome Summary: Summarizes the total number of changes, average time spent in process, and outcomes such as success/failure and emergency vs. planned changes.  Measures the efficiency and productivity of IT staff both individually and as a team, and is an ideal tool for setting and evaluating performance goals.

Learn more about Results Manager under the product section of our web site and watch the short instructional video that helps explain how it works.


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