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CMDBs and Service Desks

At Jalasoft, we develop apps for all kinds of companies and our IT environment is highly complex and diverse.  We’ve looked at a lot of ways to try and improve our change management process and found that typical solutions such as CMDBs and Service Desk tools really don’t work very well.  Here’s why they come up short:

  • CMDBs, for example, often have a lot of information but are usually maintained by “separate” teams who can’t always maintain up-to-the-minute accuracy of systems and relationships.
  • A lot of key information isn’t found in the CMDB but is located elsewhere…even inside an admin’s head.  So we can never be sure that we’ve got all the info we need to address a particular change or issue.
  • They don’t necessarily show the dependencies and relationships among key components of our systems.  They are focused on a narrow asset range.  We need to know how our systems interact with each other dynamically.

Bottom line:  CMDBs and Service Desk tools approach change from a documentation and approval process as opposed to helping people understand relationships, dependencies and potential impacts.  That’s why we love ITinvolve for Change Management.

By comparison, ITinvolve for Change Management helps our IT staff to get their arms around meaningful information that’s relevant to them.  They can easily visualize dependent relationships and organize those relationships into unique perspectives for faster and more effective analysis across teams.  So we save a lot of time and effort trying to understand, visualize and assess potential impacts and risks of proposed changes.

There’s an easy way to see for yourself what I’m talking about.  Check out the ITinvolve for Change Management overview video on its web site to get a general orientation.  Then take a closer look at Technology Objects and Perspectives under the product section.  You can also read about why we at Jalasoft think ITinvolve for Change Management is the best thing we’ve seen so far to help us streamline and improve our change processes.

You’ll start to get an idea just how valuable this new change management tool can be.


-Jeff Pollard, Jalasoft Senior Business Strategist








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