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CMDB Tools for Social Knowledge Management

Everyone involved gets easy, instant access to federated knowledge

 Social Object Manager from ITinvolve provides you with a comprehensive and accurate view of your IT environment, and a single source for storing and linking objects and relationship data in one place. You can now profile your IT environment and related knowledge—including unstructured content—to ensure assessment, collaboration, decisions and reporting are based on shared understanding across the enterprise.


Everyone involved sees relationships from their own—and other points of view

Perspectives Manager is a visualization tool that gives you the ability to view relationships and dependencies from any angle. Relationships can be viewed from the perspective of a particular physical or virtual device, application, business service, or policy. With one click, you can view all databases subject to a particular policy. Or, see all servers managed by a particular administrator.


Everyone involved shares relevant information in the right context

In-Context Collaboration enables everyone in your IT organization with social collaboration tools that facilitate open, shared communications. We leverage familiar social media style formats to ensure the right people are effectively communicating in the context of objects, making faster and more informed decisions.  Plus, we ensure collective knowledge gained through collaboration is captured for future reference so that users never need to search for the data—rather it is presented to them always in the right context.


Everyone involved gains transparency and accountability

Results Manager enables you to measure results, compare important trends and demonstrate compliance, from the perspective of any device, business service, application or policy. You can measure incidents by application. Or see if a particular change to a policy was made to all appropriate connected devices. Or even measure emergency changes by individual.


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