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ITinvolve Agility Manager improves project delivery times and release quality by facilitating DevOps with greater collaboration and enhanced operations across the development lifecycle.

Developers use development tools, application owners use business tools, quality assurance teams use QA tools, project managers use project management tools, and operations teams use operations tools. It makes sense that different groups should have tools built for them, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sharing information and collaborating across these silos is a significant challenge.

From business requirements to project delivery, communication handoffs produce gaps in information and distortion. Lack of shared visibility on requirements, releases, and environments creates unnecessary confusion, delays, and project team frustration. Poor communication using ad hoc methods, like email and conference calls, means changes in requirements and plans are often missed.

ITinvolve Agility Manager was developed to help you adopt Agile and DevOps principles to solve these challenges with cross-team Project Workspaces.

ITinvolve Agility Manager™ creates Project Workspaces:
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  • Eliminate communication handoff gaps and risk of information distortion
  • Align business goals, requirements, projects, and releases
  • Communicate changing requirements with downstream impact to those who need to know
  • Manage development iterations, assigns and tracks tasks, and facilitates cross-team collaboration and daily standups
  • Provide full transparency into project and release status including work in process and bottlenecks
  • Keep environments in sync between pre-production and production


+ Increase agility with real-time alignment from requirements
      to development, test, and deployment


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Align Business Goals, Requirements, Initiatives, Projects, and Releases
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveAlign Business Goals
with Requirements and Projects

Improve transparency and alignment by visually mapping business goals to initiatives, projects, requirements, and releases. Enable project team members to collaborate on and validate requirements with a real-time view into the state of projects and releases.

ITinvolve proactively notifies relevant team members as things change, and supports discussion and engagement through in-context social collaboration. With ITinvolve, no longer is an important update overlooked because someone missed a meeting or an email got lost in an inbox.

Establish and Track Milestones for Initiatives and Projects
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveDefine and track milestones
and phase exits

ITinvolve makes it easy to establish and track milestones for initiatives and projects, including defining phase exits for each milestone and managing approvals.

With ITinvolve, managers and project team members have full transparency into project status, whether milestones are being achieved, and can collaborate in context to ask questions, raise any concerns, and coordinate on adjustments to plans for initiatives and projects in-flight.

Manage Releases, Iterations and Tasks
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveMap and Manage Releases,
Iterations and Stories

ITinvolve helps connect requirements with development iterations, then assigns and track tasks for development teams. Collaborate in-context with team members on iterations, releases or projects. ITinvolve also facilitates Scrums and daily stand ups with agenda setting and action assignment.

With ITinvolve, business stakeholders are more involved in the development process and can easily understand which release will include a requirement, providing the opportunity to engage with project team members if there are questions or concerns.

ITinvolve makes it easy to import or federate existing project management data, and also provides native Gantt chart functionality to ensure project managers, development managers, and project teams are all on the same page.

Understand Work in Process and Identify Bottlenecks
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveKanban boards track work
and identify constraints

ITinvolve provides Kanban boards to help track work across the project lifecycle from initial requirements all the way to deployment. Identify constraints caused by both people and physical IT resources so you can take appropriate action.

Keep Environments in Sync
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveVisualize production and pre-production environments and drill into specific settings

One of the biggest challenges in any project is keeping environments synchronized between production and pre-production. This makes problem free deployments to each environment very difficult to achieve.

Communicating changing operational requirements from the project team to production operations and communicating changes in production back to those responsible for pre-production is critical to ensuring seamless testing and deployment.

ITinvolve enables you to compare environments, visually identify where infrastructure and configuration settings are out of sync, and manage drift before it impacts your deployment.

“ITinvolve represents a refreshing new approach that enables IT organizations to align their resources behind a unified mission and drive new levels of collaboration. No longer do IT leaders have to choose between the frustrating limitations of traditional frameworks or the integration spaghetti of a best-of-breed approach. ITinvolve has given them a truly transformational solution that can be implemented in an iterative, test-driven manner to increase organizational agility while ensuring operational stability and release quality.”

— Kevin Behr

Co-author of the ground-breaking novel of IT transformation — The Phoenix Project
Chief Science Officer of Praxis Flow, Inc.