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“ITinvolve is the first we’ve seen that offers embedded social knowledge collaboration to build collective intelligence without adding an administrative burden.”

“Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management, 2013″
J. Brooks et al, Gartner, Inc. Apr. 18, 2013

There have been many IT management software products that have attempted to improve the effectiveness of project work and our understanding of IT environments.

These approaches have fallen short because they don’t effectively engage the right people with the right information and reinforce siloed teams.

ITinvolve is the first application built to enable Cross-Team Workspaces for IT.

ITinvolve Workspaces™ creates Environment Analysis Workspaces:
  • Bring together and visualize scattered IT information from SharePoint sites, CMDBs and IT tools, automation scripts, and more
  • Ensure peer review and continuous validation of information so it’s trusted
  • Capture critical, but often undocumented, expert tribal knowledge
  • Model dependencies and relationships across infrastructure, applications, policies, and more


+ Quickly answer questions about your environment:


ITinvolve Workspaces™ creates Scenario Workspaces:
  • Analyze risk and help teams model what-if scenarios


+ Engage the right people with the right information
      to make faster, more effective decisions:


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Learn More About How ITinvolve Works

Environment Analysis Workspaces combine your existing data and information with the knowledge of your greatest assets — your people — to provide you with a comprehensive, accurate, and trusted view of your IT environment.

You can import or federate existing data so that teams are able to continue to use SharePoint sites, CMDBs, Wiki sites, and other sources as before, while also gaining a comprehensive view of all relevant information, relationships, and knowledge.

ITinvolve always presents information in the context of the objects and relationships IT manages such as applications, servers, databases, network devices, policies, automations, and more.

Environment Analysis Workspaces provide personalized visualization to help you view and manage your IT environment based on what you are responsible for or what is most important to you.

With ITinvolve, you can see all relevant relationships and quickly understand dependencies from any angle – whether an application, a policy, a server, or any other object.

In-Context Collaboration enables IT and business stakeholders to engage in open, shared communications without the noise of traditional social media type approaches.

Our collaboration approach ensures the right people are effectively communicating, but most importantly are doing so in the context of the environments they follow. This helps them make faster and more informed decisions.

ITinvolve also ensures the information and learning gained through collaboration is captured for future use.

Scenarios Workspaces help you engage the right business and IT stakeholders to plan and assess risk for many types of decisions including change impact analysis, data center moves, disaster recovery planning, root- cause analysis of recurring problems, resolution of major incidents, assessing the impact of a new or modified policies – just to name a few.