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ITinvolve Drift Manager improves service stability and deployment success rates by visualizing, identifying, and correcting configuration drift for all tiers in the application stack.

Configuration drift can lead to many problems including security, compliance, performance and availability issues that can have a material impact on your business. Drift is also a major reason for failed software deployments.

ITinvolve Drive Manager™ extends Environment
Analysis Workspaces
ITinvolve Workspaces
  • Centralize and visualizes existing script and automation information, configuration files, binary files, system-level attributes, and product version data
  • Provide interactive dashboards that compare current state against expected with the ability to drill-down into granular settings across the entire stack and all tiers
  • Generate incidents when drift is detected and provides the ability to “snooze” drift issues if they are expected
  • Ensure everyone who needs to know is aware of existing scripts and automations so configuration changes are always made with this in mind

+ Quickly answer questions and take actions on
      your configuration settings


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Leverage Existing Configuration Information
MapGoals Requirements Projects InititiaveVisualize Configuration Element Relationships

Centralize and manage configuration information by importing or federating information from your existing scripts, automations, discovery tools, and CMDBs. In addition to centralizing and providing full visibility into configuration and binary file settings, ITinvolve also provides full visibility into system-level attributes (e.g. registry settings) and product versions.

Regardless of whether multiple scripts or automation tools interact with the same configuration element, you can view everything from one place. ITinvolve even tokenizes details for security purposes or for run-time changes to settings.

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Compare Current State Against What’s Expected
Understand configuration drift
and drill into details as necessary


Drift Management views and dashboards help you see whether actual configurations match what’s expected using a simple but powerful traffic light approach. From these views, drill into details as necessary to compare specific files, attributes, or versions.

If drift occurs, ITinvolve can automatically raise an incident to track and resolve the drift or “snooze” the drift if the out of sync state is permitted for a period of time.

Ensure Everyone Knows About Scripts and Automations
Visualize dependencies and drill
into current state configurations


ITinvolve provides visibility into the relationships and dependencies between scripts, automations, infrastructure, applications, and policies in your environment.

Ensure team members know about existing scripts and automations that govern your configuration settings. Through social following, team members become aware of planned changes to scripts and automations as well as the infrastructure they run on.

Proactively assess potential configuration changes that might conflict with existing scripts and automations.

“ITinvolve has provided us with a much better understanding of our IT environment and has dramatically reduced unexpected issues when making changes. We anticipate that the new capabilities of Drift Manager will help us better identify configuration drift issues and quickly correct them to ensure operational stability and compliance, reducing risk when deploying new application releases.”

— Matt Estes
Director of Strategic Initiatives