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The award-winning ITinvolve Knowledge Collaborator enables operations and application developers to:

  • Follow, share and unify knowledge
  • Capture new learning and experience in context as part of daily work
  • Visualize and understand relationships and dependencies between requirements, applications, infrastructure, automations, policies, and people in real-time from any perspective
  • Quickly assess change risks with automated analyses from multiple perspectives
  • Collaborate continuously and in-context among business stakeholders, developers, and operations

Provide shared perspective and enable cross-silo collaboration from business goals, to projects, requirements, applications, and your IT infrastructure.

“Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management, 2013″, J. Brooks, J. Greene et al, 18 April 2013


Visualize upstream and downstream impacts to infrastructure, applications, automations, policies, and more. ITinvolve automatically identifies the right experts and proactively initiates collaboration to quickly assess risks and make accurate decisions, promoting critical information to stakeholders exactly when they need it.

No more hunting for information. We capture all sources of knowledge – like configuration data in CMDBs, policies on a file share, or requirements in a wiki – as well as undocumented tribal knowledge. We help you correct information errors and fill in gaps through continuous peer review, and share knowledge proactively through social collaboration.

Social Object Manager™ captures existing information sources and the expert undocumented knowledge of your people to create a comprehensive, peer reviewed, and up-to-date view of your infrastructure, automations, policies, applications, and requirements.

Figure 2 Social Object

Figure 3 Application Administrator Perspective - note label
Perspectives Manager™ provides personalized visualization to help your teams view and manage your IT projects, requirements, and environment based on what they are responsible for or what is most important to them.
In-Context Collaboration™ enables IT operations, developers, and business stakeholders to engage in open, shared communications based on the projects they are working on, what they are responsible for, or what they are personally interested in.

Figure 4 In-context Collab

Figure 5 Results Manager
Scenarios Manager™ helps you engage the right business and IT stakeholders to plan and assess risk for many types of decisions.

Measurable Results

  • Accelerate your business’ response to market opportunities and competitive threats
  • Eliminate issues from changes while supporting greater change volumes
  • Delight business leaders and users with how reliably services perform
  • Put compliance in line with daily operations

“Having a solution that proactively engages the right experts and self-documents activities makes it easier and faster to get everyone onboard with the process so we can make better-informed decisions.”

Dave Colesante,
Senior Vice President
Product Development and CTO


“We were heading down the path of building our own IT knowledge management system when I came across ITinvolve and realized they had not only built what we were seeking, but could also provide social collaboration capabilities that could take us even further.”

Matt Estes
Director of Strategic Initiatives