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Your existing ITSM solution may not have much of a difference in the way it handles incidents and requests. We see things differently.

Effective request management starts by defining your catalog of requestable services, the sequence of tasks (and teams) involved in delivering those services, and the entitlements and approvals required. A request is not just a logged call or email converted to a record. Otherwise, it’s no different from an incident, and will not help you achieve your goals.

There are many reasons given for investing in request management:

  • Help employees and business partners get the services they need faster
  • Provide a consistent and repeatable way for IT to deliver standard services
  • Offload calls from the service desk for both initial requests and status checks

You may have one or more of these reasons in mind; if so, ITinvolve can help.

ITinvolve provides the ability to:

  • Define your catalog of requestable services
  • Build out the sequence of tasks, resources, and dependencies required to fulfill those services
  • Specify the entitlements for your services
  • Publish requestable services through a self-service portal and make the same services available for use by your service desk
  • Manage routing and approval workflows for request fulfillment
  • Provide visibility into volume of requests handled, time to fulfillment within or outside of SLAs, and other important management metrics

Our request management capabilities are tightly coupled with self-service support enabling you to provide a “one stop shopping experience” for IT support and requests.

Promote A Catalog of Requestable Services

Manage Request Fulfillment and Approvals

Easily Create Request Templates Without Coding