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A Service Catalog is the foundation for improved self-service and operational efficiency.

In order to provide self-service support for the request of services, you must first define the requestable services you will be offering, which groups are entitled to them, and any necessary approvals.

Improving the operational efficiency of service delivery requires effectively mapping your services to the infrastructure, automations, and policies that provide and govern them as well as the institutional knowledge you have accumulated about them.

In Our Experience

About half of IT organizations have yet to formalize their Service Catalog by documenting the services they provide, their entitlements, and approvals. Only about the same percentage have mapped at least some of the dependencies required to effectively manage their services, but frequently policy relationships and the mapping of institutional knowledge about how to best support services is left out of the picture entirely.

Without this full foundation, IT isn’t able to provide the most effective method of enabling users with self-service and is unable to maximize the operational efficiency and stability of IT-delivered business services.

Define Your Requestable Service Catalog

Map and Visualize Service
Dependency Relationships

Collaborate With Experts In-Context
of Your Services

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“If you want to grow and ensure your processes and procedures are commensurate to your level of growth and the amount of change you’re making, then it makes sense to use a solution like ITinvolve.”

– Dave Colesante
SVP, CTO and Product Development

ITinvolve helps you define and promote your service catalog for end users:

  • Define your catalog of requestable services
  • Build out the sequence of tasks, resources, and dependencies required to fulfill those services
  • Specify the entitlements for your services
  • Publish requestable services through a self-service portal and make the same services available for use by your service desk
  • Nest service catalog offerings by category
  • Provide visibility into volume of services requested by groups and the time to fulfillment within or outside of SLAs amongst other important management metrics

ITinvolve helps you deliver new levels of efficiency and reliability in operating business services:

  • Fully understand all service relationships and dependencies across applications, infrastructure, automations, policies, and people
  • Map knowledge from existing knowledge bases to your business services
  • Capture undocumented tribal knowledge critical for service delivery
  • Provide powerful, visual analysis of upstream and downstream relationships to aid in change planning, issue resolution, and other service-impacting decisions
  • Enable staff to follow business services and underlying dependencies so they are proactively informed as new information is added and can engage quickly with other experts to assess risks and aid with issue resolution