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Your employees and business partners would like interacting with your IT organization and other business groups to be just as easy as their favorite online shopping experience.

With ITinvolve, you can provide a “one stop shopping experience” for employees and trusted partners to request services or help and access the knowledge they need to be more productive and resolve their own issues.

In Our Experience

End users, whether your own employees or trusted business partners, don’t see the difference IT staff assign to incidents vs. requests. What’s more, with the increasing IT sophistication of end users and the growing desire for a consumerization of enterprise IT, they simply want to help themselves whenever possible, and get quick access to expert assistance when that’s not practical.

By providing a single portal to request services, access expert knowledge, or ask for help, you will improve employee and partner productivity, while simultaneously improving the perception of IT, and improving your staff’s productivity by routing requests to the right team or individual (including non-IT requests).

Publish Your Requestable Services

Make It Easy to Request Help

Promote Knowledge for Self-Service

ITinvolve provides a flexible, highly visual Service Portal experience that starts with the end user’s needs in mind:

  • Provide easy, anywhere access to requestable services, help, and knowledge from a single Service Portal (including both IT and non-IT services such as facilities and HR requests)
  • Control which services, help, and knowledge categories are available based on group entitlements (including supporting business partner and other third-party entitlements from the same portal)
  • Nest services, help, and knowledge categories based on the hierarchy that makes most sense to your user community (e.g. placing email support at the top level or nesting it inside of a category for common desktop support requests)
  • Ensure incidents are routed to the right teams for rapid resolution
  • Route service requests to the right teams or individuals leveraging templates to orchestrate approvals and verify entitlements
  • Enable your end users to provide instant feedback on knowledge through content ratings
  • Provide visibility into volume of requests and incidents logged via the portal and compare their time to fulfillment and resolution against other methods of user engagement and support


Unlike traditional ITSM Service Portals, ITinvolve enables you to:

  • Publish your catalog of requestable services, help, and knowledge categories using interactive, graphical tiles that reflect consumer “app store” experiences
  • Ensure experts are proactively notified to bring the full value of your support functions to bear as needed (e.g. notify application owners if incidents are being logged against the applications they manage avoiding unnecessary delays at the service desk)
  • Support social engagement between end users, service owners and support personnel through unique Activity Steams aligned to request or help categories