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Have existing ITSM architectures become obsolete? According to Gartner, they just may be

This past year, Gartner introduced a new concept called the “Nexus of Forces” consisting of four forces — Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Information.  These forces, according to Garner, are converging, helping to transform user behavior while creating new business opportunities. As IT becomes more consumerized with nearly every working professional having a mobile smartphone or tablet, IT organizations are challenged to keep pace with rapidly evolving expectations and environments.

In the Nexus of Forces, Gartner maintains that information serves as the context for delivering enhanced social and mobile experiences, while mobile devices provide the platform for effective social networking and new ways of working together. Social forces are linking people to their work and each other in new and unexpected ways, while the Cloud enables delivery of information and functionality to systems and users. All these forces combine and reinforce each other to create what Gartner calls “a user-driven ecosystem of modern computing.”

If you are Gartner client, you can read more in research ID:G00234840.  In reading the report, one of its predictions stood out for me: “Techno-centrism gives way to human-centered design” and that “as the technology matures..simpler, more effective ways of doing things are developed”.

At ITinvolve, these are precisely the key principles that our company and products are founded on.  We’ve developed ITinvolve for Service Management as a cloud service from the ground up, building in new ways of facilitating and managing the social nature of information, knowledge and decision making among IT stakeholders. As Gartner observes, sharing comments, links, and recommendations with friends shouldn’t just take place in our personal lives but should also be “among colleagues about progress of a project or which supplier provides good value.”  At ITinvolve, we’ve applied this lesson in offering a better way to manage your IT environment and processes.

ITinvolve offers you a next generation IT Service Management solution that is powered by the collective knowledge of your teams and is, at its core, social and collaborative.  As Gartner rightly points out “…people actually like using social functionality.”  When was the last time you or anyone on your team said, “I like using our ITSM solution”?  With ITinvolve, you can make that a reality.  To see how, register for one our free webinars co-sponsored by Pink Elephant and get a demonstration of how the Social IT can work for you.

I’ll be exploring more of the how and why techno centrism is giving way to more human-centered ways of conducting IT operations in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

Matthew Selheimer,
Vice President, Marketing

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